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DMV Practice Permit Test NY Question #1

Today we are looking at our first question from the NYS DMV permit practice test, a question that deals with traffic congestion. Traffic congestion is a serious matter in all developed countries, where the population can afford such commodities as having multiple vehicles per family. As the population grows, so does the number of vehicles on the road. The NY DMV considers this question to be very important that that's why we included this sample question into the DMV practice test NY sample quiz.

Practice Test Question

The question is as following:

“Choose the situation that would have the best impact on reducing traffic congestion:”

There are three possible answers to this question:

A. Use of public transportation
B. Reducing the space-cushion
C. Building new roads

Let's look at each one of these answers more closely.

DMV Practice Test Question Answers

Option A of this DMV NY practice test suggests that use of public transportation will lead to reduction in traffic congestion. Sounds very reasonable. A bus can take on around forty people, that's forty less cars on the road if each person is driving his own vehicle. Of course, people can car-pool, but it will still require significantly more vehicles to transport the same number of people. So far so good, this sounds like a candidate for the right answer.

Option B of the DMV practice pemit test NY sample quiz suggests reducing the space-cushion. Can you find what's wrong with this one? If you are thinking safety - you are correct. Reducing the space-cushion, driving closer to other vehicles will increase your chance of having a traffic accident and one single accident can block the road for a long time. This does not sound like the right answer to the sample question.

Option C offers to build new roads. This is a great solution, we welcome new roads that help us get somewhere faster, however new roads can't be built everywhere, there is simply not enough space for it. Think NYC, where are you going to squeeze those roads? There is simply no room for expansion in certain places, the space is taken up by houses and you can't take them all down just to build a new road. Another thing is that building roads is quite an expensive ordeal which takes money out of your pocket. So, while this answer to the NYS DMV permit practice test looked great at first glance, it has hidden cons that you need to think about.

Correct Answer To The NYC Practice Permit Test

As you can see, out of these three option, option A looks like the best answer. It does not affect your safety (in fact, it increases it, as public transportation is more safe than driving), it does not cost an arm and a leg to scale the public transportation system and it can be introduced virtually anywhere. If you get this question on your NYS permit test, A is the answer you are looking for!

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