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DMV Practice Test NY Question 91

Learning speed limits is important for your own safety, not just for passing the NYS DMV permit test. Most of the traffic accidents that result in severe injuries or death are high speed collisions and that is the reason why you should know what the safe and legal speed is for every type of the road. While you should definitely check out all speed limits in the official NY drivers manual, here is a DMV practice test NY question you can mull over.

DMV Practice Test Question


A. 50
B. 55
C. 60
D. 65

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DMV Test Answers

Answer A to the DMV practice test NY question suggests that the maximum speed limit for NYS highways is 50 MPH. While some older New York drivers may remember the time when the speed limit was indeed 50 MPH, a few decades ago, it has been changed and this answer does not represent the current speed limit in New York.

Answer B to to the DMV practice permit test NY question states that the speed limit for NY highways is 55 MPH unless posted otherwise. This looks right, but let's check out the other options.

Answer C to the DMV NY practice test question tells us that the speed limit for highways in New York is 60 MPH. This is incorrect.

Answer D to the NYS DMV practice test question states that the maximum speed limit for NY highways is 65 MPH. 65 MPH is the highest speed limit you may encounter in the state of New York and you may only see it on some limited access highway. This speed limit will always be posted on a road sign so you will know that you are in a high speed zone. The reason why this answer is incorrect is because the question specifically asks for the speed limit “unless posted otherwise”.

Correct Answer To NY Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this NYS DMV permit test question is B:


While 55 MPH is the maximum speed limit, you should always choose your speed based on road conditions. You should not try to make the speed limit when the road is icy or wet or when there is fog that significantly limits visibility. You must also check local speed limits that may be lower than the speed limit for the state. For example, the speed limit in New York City is 30 MPH unless posted otherwise.

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