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New Drivers Ed Laws for New Jersey

New Drivers Ed Laws for New Jersey

New laws might be enacted in New Jersey that may radically affect the experience of the first-time drivers license applicants. New Jersey is streamlining its graduated drivers license programs and new restrictions may be imposed onto the teen drivers.

One of the main developments is that not only teenagers who are applying for the drivers license will be required to complete a state-approved New Jersey drivers education class, but their parents may have to do so as well. It makes perfect sense as teenagers who posses a NJ learners permit can only drive while being a supervised by a parent and this whole process is intended to allow parents to teach their children how to drive. However, how can one who does not know the rules teach them to someone else? The new laws may take care of this problem, with the instructing parents taking drivers education along with their kids.

Other restrictions that may be enforced are a complete ban of communication devices, such as cell phones, mandatory reflective decals on vehicles operated by learners permit holders and a 6 months increase in the permit holding period. At the moment, teens in New Jersey are required to hold the learners permit for 6 months only. The new laws may extend this period to 12 months.

The whole idea of the new laws is to ensure that teens get proper education before they are allowed to drive on their own and decrease the number of fatal car accidents that involve underage drivers.