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Central Issuance for Nevada Drivers License

“The DMV offices in Las Vegas starting to utilize the Central Issuance system for Nevada drivers licenses”, said DMV Director Edgar J. Roberts. At the moment, the system works in 14 states and is considered to be leave less chance for drivers license fraud.

According to the current laws in Nevada, you can only hold one ID and you are required to surrender any out of state IDs if you are applying for a drivers license or an ID card in Nevada. At the time of the application, you are issued with an affidavit that supports your driving privilege. In the meanwhile, the actual Nevada drivers license or Nevada learners permit is produced at the central facility and is mailed to you.

Production of all licenses at one location is meant to increase the security of the drivers license and prevent identity fraud. Security features that are enabled by this change include micro-printing, ghost images and a laser-engraved outline of the State of Nevada. This system also allows the department to use facial recognition software that compares new photos against existing photos in the database as a further guard against identity theft.