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Texas Launches TexasSure To Help Police Identify Uninsured Drivers

According to the police, the number of uninsured drivers on Texas roads has increased during the last couple of years. At the moment, approximately one in every five vehicles that are on the road does not have proper insurance. On the state scale, this amounts to almost 4 million vehicles that do not have insurance coverage.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is introducing a new program, “TexasSure”, that is intended to reduce the number of uninsured Texas drivers. TexasSure is a car insurance verification database that matches the records of registered passenger vehicles with personal insurance policy information submitted by Texas insurance companies. As of October 1, the database is available to all Texas law enforcement agencies.

TexasSure will be used to help the police identify those drivers who do not hold a valid insurance coverage and will result in safer roads throughout the state.