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Michigan Practice Driving Test Question 77

Learning speed limits before you get behind the wheel is very important. Trust us, you do not want to be slapped down with a speeding charge, in most cases, even a smallest speeding fine will set you back a few hundred dollars in fines and may also subject you to the experience of attending traffic school. Questions on speed limits always appear on the Michigan permit test and we could not exclude these questions from our Michigan practice driving test either. Today we are looking at the question that deals with speed limits that are set on Michigan highways!

Permit Test Study Aid

There is nothing more frustrating that looking for study materials when preparing for the Michigan permit test. You browse hundreds of websites looking for a guide that would have it all. Thankfully, this guide exists and you don't have to spend countless hours looking for it - just visit the DMV website and download the official Michigan drivers manual, the book has it all! Your knowledge exam is based on the information that appears in the book, in fact, the book contains all Michigan permit test answers and nothing prepares you for the exam better than reading the manual. If course, this does not mean that you can't take a free driving practice test or two, just to check how well you have learned everything!

Practice Test Question

While today's question only deals with the speed limit for highways, you should really learn all speed limits in Michigan. There are more questions on speed limits and other Michigan traffic rules in our free Michigan practice driving test, make sure to check it out!


A. 45
B. 50
C. 55
D. 60

You can check the right answer in the drivers handbook or skip to the bottom of the page and get it there. If you want to learn the details about each one of these options - read on!

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Michigan drivers license test question suggests that the minimum speed limit for Michigan highways is 45 mph. The trick here is that you may have this number sitting at the back of your head and you may select it by mistake. However, if you read your manual, you know that 45 mph is the maximum speed limit for work zones and it has nothing to do with highways.

Answer B to the Michigan driving test practice question states that the minimum speed limit for highways is 50 mph. There is no such speed limit in Michigan, you can cross this answer out right away.

Answer C to the Michigan practice driving test question tells us that the minimum speed limit for highways is 55 mph. Best answer so far, let's look at the last option.

Answer D to the free Michigan drivers license practice test question claims 60 mph is the minimum speed limit for highways in Michigan. Once again, you may have seen this number in the handbook, however it was not related to regular vehicles. 60 mph is the maximum speed allowed on a highway for a school bus or a truck.

Correct Answer To Michigan Drivers License Test

The correct answer to this Michigan drivers permit test question is C:


Please note that you will not be able to just reason your way through questions like this and this is why reading the handbook is so important. While you should definitely try to analyze and work your way through all permit test questions, some information just needs to be memorized and Michigan speed limits are a great example of such information. You will also be tested on your knowledge of speed limits and the ability to apply them during your Michigan driving test, so it would do you good to review the information on speed limits before you take the exam.

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