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Mississippi Drivers Ed - Mississippi Drivers Education

Mississippi Drivers Ed

Although not all license applicants are required to take a Mississippi drivers education class, it may still be a good idea to do so. Apart from preparing you for the permit exam, the Mississippi drivers ed class will give you the essential safe driving skills no one should ignore.

Mississippi Graduated Drivers

The graduated drivers license system in Mississippi is rather on the soft side, but it still retains the key elements of the stricter versions of GDL laws currently present in other states. Driver’s ed is mandatory only for teens who are applying for their Mississippi learners permit between 14 and 1/2 and 15 years of age. If you are older than 15, you do not have to take a driver’s education class, but we still advise you to do so as it will definitely make you a safer driver.

Mississippi Permit Preparation

When you are applying for your first permit, the DPS requires you to take a permit exam. Those who have taken a driver’s education class should already be prepared for the exam as the course covers the driving rules in great details.

If you have not taken the drivers education program, don’t stress, there are other ways to study. The DPS provides a free drivers manual that can be obtained from a drivers license office or downloaded online.

Mississippi practice test is also a good way to learn the rules, but they work best when you combine them with the book.

Drivers Ed Classes

You should not have any issues locating a driver’s education class as they are offered virtually everywhere. There are classes offered in high school and through the commercial driving school. When you choose the class, make sure it is a DPS certified driver’s education course or you will just waste your money on nothing.

Drivers Ed Curriculum

Mississippi driver’s education course includes both the classroom instruction and behind the wheel driving lessons. You start off with 30 hours of classroom instructions, where you will be taught the following:

  • Driving Rules
  • Road Signs
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Once you cover the classroom portion, you will also need to complete 6 hours of driving lessons and 12 hours of in car observation. Use this time to apply the skills you acquired during the classroom portion of the program.

Taking a driver’s education class does not only contribute to your Mississippi drivers license, it also makes you a safer driver and you should not try to save money on safety.