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Permit Practice Test KY Question 76

Considering how highly sophisticated modern vehicles are, it is highly unlikely that you will experience any car system failure while driving, especially if you service your vehicle regularly. However, even though you should not be anticipating any system failure, you need to be prepared for it nevertheless so you will not be caught by surprise. One of the key challenges will be communicating your actions and intentions to other drivers and that's why the DMV requires you to learn the rules of signaling and tests you on the subject when you take your Kentucky drivers permit test. We cover a number of questions on signaling in our permit practice test KY sample quiz and today we will look at one of such questions in more details!

Permit Test Study Guide

Are you still looking for a Kentucky permit test study guide? Look no further. The best permit test study guide is published by the DMV itself, its name is Kentucky driver's manual. The book contains everything you need to pass your drivers permit test and, subsequently, you road test. Kentucky permit test questions are based exclusively on the information that appears in this book, so there is really no need to look for any other study guides, just download the book, print it out, read it, take a practice test or two, then hit the office and pass your learners permit test the first time!

Sample Study Question

Today we are looking at the question that deals with signaling your intentions to other drivers. Communication between drivers on the road is very important, especially when you are driving in heavy traffic.


A. Your horn
B. Your headlights
C. Hand signals
D. Your emergency flashers

If you don't know the answer to this permit practice test question, you can either look it up in the drivers handbook or read the explanation below. Those who know the right answer can skip right to the bottom of the page to check if they are right!

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the permit practice test KY question suggests that you use your horn to signal turns should your turn indicators fail. If you think about this, there is one big problem with using your horn - you cannot indicate the direction of your turn with a horn. Furthermore, other drivers will not be able to understand this signal. You should not use your horn to indicate turns.

Answer B to the Kentucky practice permit test question states that you can use your headlights to indicate turns. Do you see what's wrong with using the headlights for indicating turns? That's right, it is exactly the same as with using the horn, you cannot indicate the direction of the turn. On top of this, your headlights are only visible to those vehicles that are coming towards you or the ones traveling in front of you, drivers behind you cannot see them. You do not use your headlight to indicate turns.

Answer C to the Kentucky permit practice test question tells you to use hand signals to indicate turns. Now we are getting somewhere. There are a few simply hand signals that allow you to indicate turns even if your electrical system is out of commission and you should learn them before you get behind the wheel.

Answer D to the KY permit practice test question suggest that you use the emergency flashers to indicate turns. I hope that by now you already know that this is not correct for a very simple reason - you cannot indicate the direction of the turn with emergency flashers! Plus, in most cases your turn signals and emergency flashers are part of one system, if one of them goes out, so does the other one!

Correct Answer To KY Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this Kentucky permit test question is C:


The same hand signals are used all over the country, so it does not really matter what state you are from, you still need to learn them before you take your knowledge exam at the DMV. There is one very important thing we wanted to demonstrate with this question: you can reason your way through most of the Kentucky permit test questions. Sure, you cannot really deduce the legal blood alcohol level for driving, you do need to know it, but for questions such as the one here, the right answer can be easily deduced by reasoning. Never rush with choosing the first answer that looks appealing, read them all and think about each answer before you pick one of the options!

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