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MA Practice Permit Test Question 88

Accident prevention and defensive driving is one of the things taught during advanced driving classes. This does not mean that the only way to learn some basic accident prevention techniques is to attend those classes, in fact, you are expected to learn these basics even before you take your MA permit test, just grab yourself a copy of the MA RMV handbook. We cover questions on defensive driving and accident prevention in our MA practice permit test, here is one of such questions.

Practice Permit Test Question


A. Communicate with other drivers on the road
B. Ignore other drivers on the road
C. Drive on side streets and back roads
D. Avoid driving during rush hour

There is no better way to learn the rules of the road than looking up the answers to these questions in the official Massachusetts drivers handbook. You are bound to pick up many new things while searching for the answer to the question, so we urge everyone to download a copy of the book and keep it at hand while answering these practice permit test questions. You can also keep a copy of the manual in the car in the future, in case you want to check out something later.

RMV Test Answers

Answer A to the MA practice permit test question states that you should communicate with other drivers on the road to help avoid crashes. This sounds very reasonable, communication is very important for safe driving. Good candidate for the correct answer, let's look at other options.

Answer B to the practice permit test MA question offers us to ignore other drivers on the road and claims that it will help to prevent accidents. This is definitely not right, in fact, ignoring other drivers on the road is likely to increase the chance of you being involved in a traffic accident.

Answer C to the Massachusetts practice permit test suggests that you drive on side streets and back roads and that this will reduce the chance of you being involved in a traffic accident. Despite a common misconception, this will actually increase your chance of being involved in a traffic accident. Most drivers who choose side streets and back roads are usually more relaxed and less attentive and it takes them longer to react if the situation changes.

Answer D to the MA permit practice test states that avoiding driving during rush hour helps you avoid crashes. Just like with the previous answer, this is incorrect. While avoiding the rush hour traffic helps to conserve fuel, it frequently gives drivers false feeling of safety and leads to them being more relaxed, which is not a good thing.

Correct Answer To The MA Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this Massachusetts permit test question is A:


Communication between drivers is very important, many crashes happen because drivers fail to understand each other and anticipate the other driver's actions. Signaling with your vehicle's turn indicator, using your headlights, taillights, hand signals, eye contacts - all these things can make driving a lot safer for your and those who surround you.

While taking the Mass permit test, make sure to read all answers to each and every question, don't just stop at the first answer even if it looks correct for you. The RMV is known for asking trick questions and it is better to cover all options before you choose the best one.

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