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Indiana BMV Practice Test Question 109

Knowing and understanding pavement markings is just as important as knowing road signs, speed limits and other driving rules. Pavement markings help you maintain your course on the road, separate different lanes of traffic and provide guidance on making various maneuvers. Questions on pavement markings usually appear in the signs section of the Indiana BMV permit test and they are also covered extensively in our Indiana BMV practice test! Today we will be looking at one of such questions, dig in!

BMV Practice Test Question


Center Lane | Indiana BMV Practice Test

A. Passing
B. Passing and turning left
C. Turning
D. Passing, turning and emergency stops

We wanted to remind everyone who is planning to take their Indiana permit test some time soon that there is no better study aid than the official Indiana drivers manual. The book is provided by the BMV absolutely free of charge, you may download it off the BMV website and either print it out or read it off the screen once you download it. The book has answers to all Indiana permit test questions and you really don't need anything but the book and some BMV practice test questions!

BMV Test Answers

Answer A to the Indiana BMV practice test question suggests that center lanes that are marked with these pavement markings can be used for passing only. This is not exactly true and arrows that are pointing to the left clearly indicate that you should be allowed to make a left turn from this lane.

Answer B to the Indiana BMV test question states that center lanes with these pavement markings can be used for passing and turning left. While turning left is certainly allowed from such lanes, passing is not and this answer is incorrect.

Answer C to this free Indiana BMV practice test tells you that only turning left is allowed from this lane. So far, this is the best answer, but let's look at the last option we were provided with.

Answer D to the Indiana BMV practice permit test states that this lane is good for passing, turning and emergency stops. We already learned that passing is not allowed in this lane, which automatically makes this answer incorrect.

Correct BMV Test Answer

The correct answer to this Indiana BMV practice test question is C:


These pavement markings were specifically designed to facilitate left turns on roads that have multiple lanes and to make these maneuvers safer. You should merge into this lane only if you are going to make a left turn very soon, you are not allowed to travel through this lane as it can be used by traffic traveling in the opposite direction as well as you. When merging into this lane, make sure the lane is not already occupied by another driver and that you merging into the lane will not pose any danger to anyone. Passing in this center lane is not allowed, neither are emergency stops.

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