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Georgia Learners Permit Practice Test Question 90

Questions on road signs and pavement markings comprise an important part of the Georgia learners permit test. In fact, the exam has a separate part that covers only Georgia road signs, it has twenty questions and you need to answer at least 15 of them correctly before you can proceed to the second part of the knowledge exam. Our Georgia learners permit practice test has a number of questions that cover GA road signs and here is the example of such question. Make sure you take a full practice permit test before you visit the DDS!

Learners Permit Practice Question

Warning Sign | Permit Test GA

A. Divided highway ends

B. One-way street begins

C. One-way street ends

D. Divided highway begins

You can find the answer to this sample question and all permit test questions in the Georgia learners permit test book, the book that is provided by the DDS absolutely free of charge and that is available for download from the DDS website. Grab the book and study all Georgia road signs that are in the book, you never know which one of them will be on your test.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Georgia learners permit practice test question suggests that the sign in the picture marks the end of a divided highway. As you can clearly see from the sign and your perspective on the divider that is presented on the sign, it marks a beginning, not the end, so this answer is incorrect.

Answer B to the practice permit test GA question states that this sign warns us that a one way street begins up ahead. This is only partially correct and there are other signs that denote one way streets.

Answer C to the Georgia practice permit test suggests that this is a sign to mark the end of a one-way street. This is incorrect, there is a different warning sign which is called “two-way traffic ahead”.

Answer D to the learners permit practice test GA question states that this sign marks a beginning of a divided highway.

Correct Answer To The Learners Permit Question

The correct answer to this Georgia learners permit test question is D:


GA Road Signs | Divided Highway Begins

When you see the sign “DIVIDED HIGHWAY BEGINS”, it means that the road ahead will be divided by a median that will separate traffic moving in opposite directions. This is one of the safest types of roads and this is why most high speed highways have a median divider, it minimizes the chances of a head-on collision. Make sure to keep to the right of the media divider when entering a divided highway.

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