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Florida Practice Permit Test Question 22

Parking on hills is an important skill to learn and questions on parking uphill and downhill always appear on the Florida permit test. The only way to learn the answers to this Florida practice permit test question is to understand the mechanics of what happens if your vehicle is parked on the hill and your parking brake fails. As long as you understand this and read the question attentively, you will not have any troubles answering it.

Permit Test Question

“If you are parked downhill and there is a curb, you must turn your front wheels:”

A. Parallel to the road
B. Towards the curb
C. Towards the center of the road
D. Any of the above

Remember that you must select the best answer our of these four options. There is only one correct answer to this permit test question. If you want to research the answer yourself, please refer to the Florida drivers manual that is published by the DHSMV every year.

Sample Question Answers

Answer A to this Florida practice permit test question suggests that we must set our wheel parallel to the road while being parked downhill on a road with a curb. To understand why this option is incorrect, think about what will happen should the car start rolling. It will just travel downhill, picking up speed, and end up crashing into something, causing a lot of damages and possibly injuring someone along the way. Definitely not something you would like to happen.

Answer B to the Florida learners permit practice test tells us that, should you park the vehicle on a road with a curb facing downhill, you must turn your wheels towards the road. In the event when the car starts rolling, your front wheels will just push against the curb and the vehicle will stop. This definitely looks like a very good option, let's look at other answers to this Florida permit test question.

Answer C to the permit practice test Florida sample quiz offers us to turn your wheels towards the road. If we choose to do so and the vehicle starts rolling, it move into one of the lanes with traffic and block it. It may also hit someone on the way or someone may crash into it. While this option is definitely better than leaving the wheel parallel to the road, it is still not as good as turning your wheels towards the curb.

Answer D to the Florida permit practice test suggests that any of the above options are good enough, so you don't have to think too much of it. We already shown that this is not correct and that it does matter which ways you turn your wheels.

Correct Answer To The Florida Permit Test Question

By now it's clear that the correct answer to this question is B:

Parking Downhill | Florida Practice Permit Test

“If you are parked downhill and there is a curb, you must turn your front wheels towards the curb”

In fact, when you are parked on a hill facing downhill, it does not matter whether there is a curb or not, you must always turn your wheels towards the side of the road. If there is a curb, your car will stop against the curb. If there is no curb, it will simply roll off the road, which is still better than rolling into oncoming traffic. Presence of the curb only matters when you are parked uphill.

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