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Florida Learners Permit Practice Test Question 37

While road signs are usually used in permanent spots to direct and guide drivers on the road, additional means may be used in certain situations to channel traffic. Such channeling devices may include barrels, tubes, cones, vertical panel and electric arrow panels that can either advise you to merge or attract your attention to something up ahead on the road. Since some of the Florida permit test questions drivers license applicants on the meaning of these signs as well, we could not bypass them in our Florida learners permit practice test. Today's practice test question deals with arrow panels.

Learners Permit Practice Question

Flashing arrow panels are the temporary part of the road infrastructure and they are usually placed in the road or mounted on vehicles to advise approaching motorists of lane closures. Despite the name “arrow panels”, these electric panels may display information other than flashing arrows. Learning the messages that may be displayed on such panels is crucial for passing the Florida permit test.

“The following message displayed on the arrow panel requires you to:”

Flashign Arrows | Florida Permit Practice Test A. Stop
B Yield to cross traffic
C. Merge left or right
D. Proceed with caution

As you can see, this is one of the learners permit test questions you cannot guess the answer to, you have to know it. There are many real Florida permit test questions like this one, if you want to learn the answers to these questions, make sure to check out the official Florida drivers handbook, it has all the information you need to be able to pass the knowledge exam.

Practice Test Answers

Answer A to the Florida learners permit practice test question suggests that this is a stop sign. Unfortunately, there is no separate stop signal for these electric arrow panels. If there is a construction zone ahead and you are required to stop, there's usually a worker with a stop sign positioned on the side of the road.

Answer B to this permit practice test Florida question tells us that the sign requires us to yield to cross traffic. This is not true and you may encounter this sign on the panel even when there is no cross traffic. The sign does not require you to yield the right of way.

Answer C to the practice permit test FL question offers you to merge left or right. This is incorrect. If one of the center lanes is blocked and such panels are installed, there are usually two separate panels, one with an arrow pointing to the left and another one with an arrow pointing to the right. This way all drivers know what to do and how to bypass the obstacle.

Answer D to the Florida permit practice test question tells us that we are required to proceed with caution when we see this sign on the flashing electric panel.

Correct Florida Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Florida permit test question is D:

“The following message displayed on the arrow panel requires you to proceed with caution”

Such panels are usually installed if there is a work area adjacent to the lane and that you need to proceed with extra caution. You may also want to slow down a little and be prepared to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. It is very easy to miss someone at night, even if that person wears a reflective jacket, slowing down will allow you to stop and prevent an accident no matter what happens.

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