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Florida DMV Practice Test Question 95

Most people don't need to read a drivers handbook to answer questions about traffic lights and traffic signals - you see them every day, you know what they mean and what's expected of you when a red or a green light is displayed. Amazingly, people still end up missing questions on traffic signals during the Florida permit test, be that due to stress or something else. We prepared a number of sample questions on traffic signals for our Florida DMV practice test and today we are looking at one of these questions. Make sure to check out the complete DMV practice test before you visit the DMV!

DMV Practice Question


Florida Traffic Signals | Steady Yellow Light
A. Go

B. Yield to other cars

C. Slow down and prepare to stop

D. Stop

Not sure what the answer is and would like to get additional information on traffic lights? Grab yourself a copy of the Florida drivers handbook. The book covers everything you need to know for the permit test, in fact, the test will be based entirely on this book, so you cannot find a better Florida permit test study guide. The good news is that the book is completely free if you choose to download it, as opposed to ordering a printed copy. Grab the book, read it, then dig into this free Florida DMV practice test!

DMV Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the DMV Florida practice test question states that if you see a steady yellow traffic light at an intersection, you can just drive right through. This answer is incorrect. There are only two signals that allow you to go right through the intersection without stopping: a steady green signal and a steady green arrow. If you are making a turn in the direction of the arrow, this turn is considered to be “protected” and oncoming traffic must yield to you.

Answer B tot the Florida DMV practice test question suggests that a steady yellow light requires you to yield to other cars, but still allows you to proceed through the intersection. This is incorrect. A flashing red light will require you to yield to other traffic, since it must be treated as a stop sign. Making an unprotected turn left under a steady green light requires you to yield to oncoming traffic.

Answer C to the Florida DMV practice permit test states that you need to slow down and prepare to stop. This sounds correct, let's look at the last answer to this practice DMV question.

Answer D to the Florida DMV learners permit practice test offers you to treat a steady yellow light as a stop sign. This is incorrect, as we already discussed previously, a flashing red light acts as a stop sign.

Correct Answer To The Florida DMV Permit Test

The correct answer to the Florida permit test is C:


A steady yellow light warns you that a red light will appear soon and that you need to prepare for it. If you are just approaching the intersection, you need to reduce speed and be prepared to stop. If you already entered the intersection or you are driving too fast to safely stop before reaching the intersection, proceed with caution.

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