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Practice Permit Test CA Question 68

Blind spots is a big problem since they directly impact your safety on the road. The DMV and driving instructors always teach drivers to avoid driving in other vehicle's blind spots, especially when it comes to driving alongside a large truck, however it turns out that not everyone knows what blind spots really are. Do YOU know your blind spots? Check if you are right with this California permit test question! Keep in mind, the free practice permit test CA sample quiz offered on the site offers more practice questions like this one, make sure to check it out!

Practice Test Question


A. Directly behind your vehicle
B. You cannot see without moving your head
C. You see in your rearview mirror
D. You see in your side mirror

If you don't knot the answer to this question, we advise that you go ahead and obtain a copy of the California drivers manual. The permit test in California is based on the information in this handbook and you don't need anything else to learn traffic rules and road signs. The book is offered free of charge, you can either read in online on the California DMV website or download a printable PDF file to you computer.

California Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the California practice permit test question suggests that your blind spot is the area of the road directly behind the vehicle. Does this sound right to you? You can usually see the area directly behind the vehicle in your rear view mirror, why would you call it a blind spot?

Answer B to the practice permit test CA question tells us that a blind spot is the area you cannot see without turning your head. This sounds correct, let's look at what other options have to offer.

Answer C to the CA permit practice test suggests that a blind spot is the area you can see in your rearview mirror. Just like with the first option, this answer is simply illogical, why would an area that you can see be called a blind spot?

Answer D to the California permit test question tells us that a blind spot is the area of the road you see in your side mirror. Same as the previous answer, this option is incorrect, it simply does not make much sense.

Correct Answer

The correct answer to this CA permit test question is B:


The blind spots are located to the sides of your vehicle and they extend backwards. The exact shape and size of the blind spot would depend on your vehicle's make, but a typical blind spot may look as following:

Checking Your Blind Spots

Always check your blind spots before changing lanes. You should also try to avoid driving in another vehicle's blind spots. Remember that trucks usually have larger blind spots, keep this in mind when passing a truck or when driving alongside one.

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