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Practice Permit Test California Question 18

Despite what many people think, traffic safety is not about driving extremely slow. In fact, driving slower than other traffic may place you in danger since you are increasing the chance of someone crashing into you. Traffic safety consists of many techniques and rules you need to follow to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers around you. Questions on traffic safety constantly appear on the California permit test and thus we could not omit them from our practice permit test California sample exam. Today's traffic safety question discusses actions you need to take if you feel tired while you are driving.

Practice Permit Test Question

“If you are driving and you feel that you cannot stay alert and awake, you:”

A. Get some fresh air, drink coffee or energetic drinks
B. Listen to loud music and talk to other people in the car
C. Pull over and rest
D. Any of the above

Please choose the best answer, then scroll down the page and check if the answer is right. Read on if you want a more detailed explanation for each one of these answers. Make sure to check your California drivers manual for more tips on traffic safety.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the practice permit test California sample exam tells us that if we feel tired, we should get some fresh air, drink coffee or energetic drinks. While this is a good short-time solution, it is not the best thing to do while driving. Coffee and fresh air will give you a temporary boost, however it will not help you stay alert for long.

Answer B to the practice permit test CA sample quiz suggests that we listen to loud music and talk to other people in the car. While this will definitely help you stay awake, it will distract you from driving and may do more bad than good. Loud music and talking to other people in the car is distracting even for those who are fully awake and alert, if you are tired, this will simply worsen the situation.

Answer C to the California practice permit test tells us to pull over and rest. So far, this is the best option out there.

Answer D to the permit practice test CA quiz offers us to choose any of these options as they are all equally well. We already learned from previous answers that not all of these options will serve you well.

Correct Answer to The California Practice Permit Test

The correct answer to this California permit test question is C:

“If you are driving and you feel that you cannot stay alert and awake, you should pull over and rest”

Resting for 15-30 minutes will leave you feeling refreshed and much more alert, it will work better than coffee or energetic drinks. Just pull over in a designated space, set your alarm clock for half an hour and doze off. If you are not rushed, you can even stop for the night and continue the trip in the morning.

Remember that traffic safety is not a joke and you should treat it seriously. Observing these small rules may save your life one day. Be safe and good luck on your CA permit test!

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