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New Driving Laws for Drivers Education in Texas

Quite recently, the DPS in Texas issued a press release regarding the new driving laws that are to go into effect on September 01, 2009. Among all other things, the press release states that the minimum number of driving hours for those who are taking a drivers education class should be increased from 14 to 34 hours, something that caused quite a ripple among the parents and the driver’s education students.

Now, let us assure you that those who are currently taking the Texas drivers education course have nothing to worry about. The “34 driving hours” requirement will not go into effect until May 2010, as stated in the press release. Here is a quote:

“HB 339 increases the total hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction a teen receives from 14 to 34 after TEA develops criteria for curriculum. (Goes into effect May 1, 2010)”

The drivers education programs cannot be changed unless the driving schools receive guidelines from the state, something that would show them what exactly must be included in the additional 20 hours of driving. Until this is done, all Texas drivers license applicants have nothing to worry about.

Although this new rule will not go into effect until May 1, 2010, some of the rules have been changed as of September 01 2009. For example, previously those students who completed a drivers education program at school or one of the Texas parent taught drivers ed classes were allowed not to take the driving skills exams. This practice was eliminated and now you would have to take the driving test no matter what.