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New Jersey Examination Permit

New Jersey Examination Permit

You may apply for New Jersey Examination Permit provided you are at least 17 years of age and want to obtain a drivers license. Note: even though you are not required to complete a drivers ed course before you can apply for the permit, you are strongly advised to do so.

New Jersey Examination Permit Requirements

Before anyone can be issued a New Jersey examination permit, he must pass the written permit examination. Prepare for the permit test with our free online practice permit tests.

Apart from taking the written knowledge test, you must also pass the 6-point ID verification, take the vision test and pay the fees due. If you satisfy all of the above requirements, you will be issued with the New Jersey examination learners permit, which brings you one step closer towards obtaining the interim drivers license and, in turn, the regular New Jersey unrestricted drivers license.

NJ Student Learners Permit Restrictions

Although the examination permit allows you to drive, it has certain examination permit restrictions. Read more about New Jersey examination permit restrictions.

The examination permit is valid for 2 years and you are expected to apply for your interim drivers license during this period. New Jersey provisional drivers license will allow you to drive with no supervision, although it will still have certain limitations.