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DMV Practice Test VA Question 120

The real DMV test in VA has two parts and the first part of the exam is dedicated entirely to Virginia road signs. This traffic sign part of the Virginia permit test has 10 question and you must absolutely all of them correctly before you are even allowed to proceed to the second part of the test, this is why it is so important for you to make time for learning VA traffic signs. We prepared a number of DMV practice test VA questions for you to go through to help you pass the road signs test easier and today we will be looking at one of such questions in more details. Please keep in mind that you may also take a full Virginia DMV practice test if you want to cover more questions like this one!

Practice DMV Question


1.DMV Practice Test VA | Road Sign 1 2. DMV Practice Test VA | Road Sign 2 3. DMV Practice Test VA | Road Sign 3 4. DMV Practice Test VA | Road Sign 4

A. 2
B. 1
C. 3
D. 4

VA DMV Test Answers

Answer A to this DMV practice test VA question states that road sign 2 requires you to keep to the right. Sounds reasonable, but let's not rush with choosing our answer and go through all other options first.

Answer B to the VA DMV test question suggests that traffic sign 1 is requires you to keep to the right. The sign in picture actually stands for “END OF THE DIVIDED HIGHWAY” and warns you that the divider that separates lanes with traffic moving in the opposite direction will end soon.

Answer C to the DMV practice permit test VA question suggests that traffic sign 3 requires you to keep to the right. This is incorrect. The picture actually shows a combination of warning signs: a sign that warns you about a sharp left turn and an advisory speed sign that cautions you that you may want to reduce your speed below 25 mph to make the turn safely.

Answer D to the DMV VA practice test tells us that sign number 4 is the sign that requires you to keep to the right. This is dead wrong, as this sign means that the right lane ends ahead and that you should merge left.

Correct Answer to the VA DMV Test Question

The correct answer to this Virginia DMV test question is A:


Warning Sign | VA DMV Test

In most cases, this traffic sign is used before a road divider or a traffic island to make sure you do not enter a one way street and don't collide with someone. The sign is self-explanatory and you will quickly get used to it once you start driving.

DMV Test Study Guide

Many of those who are just thinking of applying for the Virginia learners permit are asking questions like “what is the best way to prepare for the DMV VA permit test” or “where can I find a DMV test study guide”. There is certainly one study guide you can use to prepare for the permit test and that is the DMV VA drivers manual which can be downloaded off the DMV website absolutely free of charge. Your DMV permit test is based on the materials provided in the book, so you really don't need to look for any other guides. Just grab the book, read it, go through some DMV practice test VA questions to make sure you didn't miss anything and you're set!

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