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Vermont Drivers Ed - Vermont Drivers Education

Vermont Drivers Education

If you are planning on getting your license in Vermont before you turn 18, you will have to complete one of the Vermont driver's education classes. Vermont drivers ed courses prepare you for the permit exam, make you a safer driver and can also amount to the insurance discount.

Graduated Drivers License

Drivers education classes are part of the GDL system in Vermont. The graduated license laws target teenage drivers and the main goal is to provide them with a chance to learn how to drive in a relatively safe environment. Many traffic accidents happen due to the lack of driving experience and knowledge of how to deal with the situation. Drivers ed classes take care of the theory part, while the behind the wheel lessons allow students to learn how to apply the the newly acquired knowledge.

Applying for Drivers License

When you will be applying for the learners permit or drivers license, you will have to take a drivers permit exam. The exam will test your knowledge of Vermont driving rules and taking a drivers education class is a great way for you to prepare for it. Although you don't have to take drivers ed at this point and the certificate of completion is only required for obtaining a license, you should still consider taking drivers ed before scheduling your permit exam.

If you decide to skip on driver ed at this point, you should still consider other ways to prepare for the exam. Your first source of research in driving-related matters should always be the Vermont driver's handbook, which also happens to be a great source of information when it comes to taking the permit exam. You can also take a few Mpractice permit tests to see what kind of questions you should expect on the real exam.

Drivers Ed Curriculum

The curriculum for drivers education classes in Vermont is very similar to that in many other states. The course consists of 30 hours of classroom time, which are followed by 6 hours of behind the wheel practice and 6 hours of supervised driving. The classroom portion of driver's ed teaches you the driving rules and provides you with insights on safe driving techniques, while the in-car driving sessions allow you to apply what you've learned in a real-life situation. The observation time should be used for identifying common mistakes made by inexperienced drivers and correcting them.

Where to Take Drivers Education

Every drivers education class must be certified by the Vermont DMV and right now the DMV does not approve online drivers ed. You can sign up for your driving ed class with a local professional driving school and you can check their credentials directly with the DMV.

If you are over 18 years of age, the state does not require you to complete a drivers education class before applying for your Vermont driver's license, however you may still wish to do so. Taking the class will not only make you a safe and educated driver, but can also make you eligible for a handsome insurance discount.