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Texas Permit Practice Test Question 14

Knowing and obeying the rules of the road is important, however you must also know your rights and responsibilities that come with driving. The Texas learners permit test always has a few questions on Texas traffic law so skipping this section of the drivers handbook while studying for the permit test is not wise. We included a number of sample questions on traffic law into our Texas permit practice test to help you learn the law a little better.

Permit Practice Question

Today, we are looking at the “implied consent law” for minors and what it means for you as a driver. We will also look at the consequences should you fail to observe the law.

“Implied consent law for minors means that:”

A. You consent to follow all Texas driving rules
B. You agree that the DPS will take your picture for the purpose of issuing a drivers license
C. You consent to updating your personal information with the DPS in a timely manner
D. You agree to provide specimen for alcohol and drug analysis if you are suspected of operating under the influence

Think you already know the answer to the sample question? Scroll down to check if you are correct.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Texas permit practice test question suggests that the implied consent law for minors is like an agreement between the licensee and the state, an agreement that requires observation of all driving rules. While you are required to follow all Texas traffic rules, this is not what the implied consent law is about.

Answer B to the practice permit test Texas sample quiz implies that the implied consent law is about allowing the DPS to keep your personal information, such as your picture, on file. While the DPS does keep your information on file, the implied consent law is not about this.

Answer C to the Texas practice permit test tells us that the implied consent law is about agreeing to keep your personal information at the DPS current. The DPS does require you to provide your new address to the department should you move, however that requirement is not related to the implied consent law in any way.

Answer D to the Texas learners permit practice test is about being cited for operating under the influence of alcohol or a drug. According to the answer, you consent to be tested for presence of drugs or alcohol while operating a motor vehicle.

Did you check the official Texas drivers handbook for the correct answer? Now is your last chance to do so.

Correct Answer

The correct answer to this Texas permit test question is “D - implied consent law for minors means that you agree to provide specimen for alcohol and drug analysis if you are suspected of operating under the influence”. Refusal to provide such specimen will result in your drivers license being suspended or driving privileges being denied for 180 days if this was your first offense and 2 years for any subsequent offense. There is also a substantial fine associated with the DWI and DUI offense, sometimes the fine may be as high as $10,000. Save yourself some money and trouble, make sure to follow Texas traffic law all the time.

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