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Texas DPS System Upgrade Halted By A Virus

The drivers license applicants in Texas are experiencing long delays when applying for their license. The DPS officials say that a computer virus is to blame.

Due to the increasing number of Texas learners permit and drivers license applicants, the processing time for an ID have increased dramatically during the last couple of years. According to the official information from Texas DPS, it should not take more than a few weeks to receive your original drivers license in the mail. According to Texans who went through the system recently, it can take 2 months for you to receive your ID.

The problem with this is that the temporary license or permit that is issued on the spot is valid for 45 days only. This may cause a misunderstanding with a police officer if a driver is caught while driving with an expired permit.

In order to decrease the processing time, the DPS computer system was due was an upgrade. However, during this upgrade, it was hit by the Conficker virus, which practically downed system for a week.