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Practice Permit Test TN Question 44

Sharing the road with others is an important skill you will need to learn once you get behind the wheel. It is easy to get frustrated and annoyed by the actions of other drivers, however you should remember to stay calm and not let the actions of others affect your driving ability. You must take special care when driving near motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrians as they are not as well protected as you are and will suffer major damages in case of a collision. Today we are looking at one of the Tennessee permit test questions that deals with driving near motorcycles. Our practice permit test TN sample quiz contains quite a few questions on sharing the road with others, make sure to check it out before you visit the DMV.

Practice Permit Test Question


A. Allow the motorcycle to use a complete lane
B. Drive on the shoulder beside a motorcycle
C. Allow the motorcycle to use only half a lane
D. Pass in the same lane where the motorcycle is driving

Those who want to search for the answer to this sample question may download a copy of the Tennessee drivers handbook, the book that contains more than enough information to pass the knowledge exam. The book is available on the DMV website, you may simply download it and either read it off the screen or print it out and keep it close for future reference. It is also a great idea to keep a copy of the manual in the car when you start driving, this way you can refer to the book whenever you have any driving related question.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Tennessee practice permit test tells us that you should allow the motorcycle to use a complete lane. This sounds like a safe and reasonable thing to do.

Answer B to this practice permit test TN sample quiz suggests that you can drive on the shoulder beside a motorcycle. When you think about this, you will understand that this is definitely not the safest option. Driving on the shoulder is dangerous by itself, if there is any dust or dirt there, you may lose control of the vehicle. Having a motorcycle next to you at the time is even worse as you may simply crash into it.

Answer C to the TN permit practice test tells us that you must allow the motorcycle to use only half a lane. This answer is just as incorrect as the previous one. While most motorcycles are small enough to fit into half a lane, driving next to the motorcycle is not considered safe since you have very limited space for maneuvering.

Answer D to the Tennessee permit test question claims that you can pass the motorcycle in the same lane. This is just as wrong as the previous answer.

TN Permit Practice Test Correct Answer

The correct answer to this Tennessee permit test is A:


According to the current vehicle code, this is actually the law, you are not allowed to share a lane with a motorcycle and must allow the motorcyclist to use one complete lane. There are many reasons for this, one of them being the fact that dangers that are considered minor for motorists can turn out to be deadly for motorcyclists and they need to have enough space to be able to maneuver around the dangerous zone.

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