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South Carolina Drivers Ed - South Carolina Drivers Education

South Carolina Drivers Education

Although drivers ed classes are not mandatory in South Carolina, taking the class may prove to be quite beneficial. Drivers education programs is the best way to learn the rules of the road and they also make you eligible for the insurance discount.


Just like most other states today, South Carolina has its graduated drivers license program. The program aims at reducing the number of fatal accidents involving teen drivers and it achieves this by enforcing a number of restrictions onto drivers who just got a license. Drivers education classes are commonly part of the GDL system as they have been statistically shown to reduce the number of casualties on the road. The graduated license system also enforces a multi-step process of obtaining a drivers license.

Drivers Ed Classes and Locations

Drivers education classes are offered by most high schools and you can complete it as part of your curriculum. If your high school does not offer drivers ed, you can turn to the commercial driving schools. Although not every driving school offers drivers ed, if you call a few schools in your area, you are bound to find one that does.

Why Take Drivers Education

There is a number of reasons why you should consider taking a drivers education class before applying for your drivers license, the main one being your safety. Drivers education does not only provide you with a comprehensive coverage of South Carolina driving rules, they also teach you how to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Another reason for taking drivers ed would be the fact that the program prepares you for the permit test at the DMV. As you know by now, before you can be issued with your learners permit, you have to take a knowledge exam and if you want to pass the test the first time you take it, you should study for it. Drivers ed is certainly on the high end when it comes to studying for the exam.

You may also check out the drivers ed handbook and free permit tests for additional study materials.

Insurance Discount

Insurance is a costly thing, especially if you are a teenager on a learners permit or restricted license. Well, good news for those who completed a state-certified South Carolina drivers education class. Most of the insurance companies offer a sweet discount for all drivers ed graduates because they are statistically proven to be safer drivers. So in the end, you don't spend money on drivers education, you earn money by taking the class.