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Oklahoma Drivers Ed - Oklahoma Drivers Education

Oklahoma Drivers Education

Drivers education is probably one of the best ways anyone can learn their way around our roads. Oklahoma drivers education programs incorporate both comprehensive coverage of the driving rules and behind the wheel lessons that allow you to practice those essential driving skills.

Why Take Drivers Ed

Many students ask themselves this question - why should I take a drivers education class if I don't have to? Well, if you are under 16 years of age and you want to start driving, you do have to take the course, otherwise the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety will not issue you with a license or a learners permit. The drivers ed program is part of the graduated drivers license system and if you want to obtain the license sooner, you have to do the course.

If you are older than 16, the state does not force you into taking the drivers education course, however you may still wish to do so as there is no better way for you to prepare for your Oklahoma learners permit test. As you probably know by now, you will have to take a permit exam before the DPS will let you lose on the road with your Oklahoma learners permit.

If you decide to skip on the drivers ed course but still wish to prepare for your exam, you may want to check out the Oklahoma drivers handbook. The book has information about all aspects of driving and obtaining a drivers license and should serve you well. Complimenting the book with some Oklahoma practice tests will also help you get your permit sooner.

Where To Take Drivers Ed

Previously, you used to be able to take drivers education classes at your high school. Although many schools discontinued this practice as of lately, you may still inquire the school officials whether your school offers the course. If the drivers ed program is not an option at your high school, you may be able to take drivers ed with a local commercial driving school or participate in one of the parent taught drivers education classes.

Oklahoma Parent Taught Drivers Education

Oklahoma parent taught drivers education classes is one of the frequently overlooked options, although it is probably the most convenient choice for the busy students. In order to start one of the Oklahoma parent taught drivers education classes, you just need to choose the curriculum, download the DPS parent taught drivers education package and mail the application to the DPS. In couple of weeks you will receive the authorization code from the DPS and you can start your drivers ed at this point.

>Please note that Oklahoma parent taught driver's education classes can be divided into concurrent courses and block courses. If you are taking one of the block courses, you will complete the drivers education portion first, get your learners permit and then follow up with the driving lessons. Concurrent courses mix the driver's education instructions and behind the wheel lessons, so you will be taking those simultaneously. There is no answer to the question “which drivers ed class is better, block or concurrent”, it is simply the matter of convenience and everyone has to decide for himself.