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New York State Permit Test Question 101

Traffic signals is an important part of the road infrastructure and it is probably one of the most effective and simple traffic management system created by men to this date. Despite the apparent simplicity of traffic lights and traffic signals, they convey a number of very important messages and you need to learn to understand and follow their directions all the time, not simply because you will not pass your New York state permit test without them, but because they may save your life some day. Our NYS permit test practice quiz contains a number of questions on traffic signals, make sure to check out the full exam before you go into the DMV office!

Permit Test Question


A. There is an emergency vehicle crossing your lane
B. There are no pedestrians crossing
C. You are turning right
D. You are within the intersection

Keep in mind that you can only choose one answer, so you have to select the best one. Try to argue through each one of these answers, this may help you locate the right one. Think what the steady yellow light actually requires you to do.

State Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the New York state permit test question suggests that you can continue through a yellow light if there is an emergency vehicle crossing your lane. While you should certainly try to get out of the way of the emergency vehicle, there is nothing in the official NY drivers manual that connects emergency vehicles and you going through yellow lights. This is not the best answer for the question.

Answer B to the permit test NY question states that it is all right to go through a yellow light if there are no pedestrians crossing. This is not correct and presence or absence of pedestrians on the road should not affect your decision of whether you are allowed to go through a yellow traffic light.

Answer C to the NYC permit test question offer you to go through the yellow light if you are making a right turn. This is incorrect. There is a rule indeed that allows you to make a right turn at a steady red light, after making a complete stop and yielding to cross traffic and pedestrians crossing the street, however there is no such rule for the steady yellow light.

Answer D to the NYS permit test question suggests that you may continue through a yellow light if you are already within the intersection. This looks like the best answer this far.

Correct NYS Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this New York state permit test question is D:


This is not one of the those straight-forward permit test questions that come straight from the book so you can simply read it there, you must really apply your knowledge of the rules and get to this answer yourself. A steady yellow light warns you that the signal is changing from green to red and it requires you to PREPARE TO STOP. However, in certain situations, you may find yourself already within the intersection when the light changes from green to yellow and you cannot stop in the middle of the intersection, you must clear it so you will not obstruct cross traffic. In such an event or when it may be unsafe for you to start braking, you are allowed to continue through a yellow light.

Permit Test Study Aids

We find it amazing that so many people are looking for additional study aids when they have a wonderful study resource that is provided by the New York DMV absolutely free of charge. Yes, we are referring to the New York permit book, also known as the drivers manual. Unlike similar handbooks in other states that simply list state driving rules and road signs, the NYS drivers manual tells you exactly what you need to learn to successfully pass the DMV NY permit test! They tell you everything: the chapters you need to study, the signs you need to learn, everything!

Of course, it is understandable that you want to know how well you can do before you go in and take your real NY permit test. This is what our set of practice tests is for: you can study with practice permit test NY questions, do the DMV practice permit test NY quiz or take the NYS drivers permit practice test! Better yet, do them all and cover as many questions as possible! Good luck!

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