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Drivers Permit Practice Test NY Question 123

This drivers permit practice test NY question covers New York road signs and today we are learning to identify the road sign that marks a Y intersection. While this may seem like an easy question to some, we found that quite a few students fail this sample question and that is why we wanted to cover this question in more details. If you have not read the drivers handbook and did not learn NYS road signs yet - now is the time to do so, there is no point in taking sample questions on road signs from this NYS drivers permit practice test until you actually go through all traffic signs in the book. Remember, even though the real drivers permit test in NY does not have too many questions on traffic signs, failing them may cost you the whole exam!

Practice Driving Question


1.New York Drivers Permit Practice Test | Road Sign 1 2.New York Drivers Permit Practice Test | Road Sign 1 3.New York Drivers Permit Practice Test | Road Sign 1 4.New York Drivers Permit Practice Test | Road Sign 1

A. 4
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

Drivers Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this drivers permit practice test NY question states that sign 4 marks a Y intersection. This is not true, the sign in the picture is not even a warning sign. If you already learned to identify road signs by shape and color, you should mark this right as a regulatory road sign right away. This is actually a lane control sign that shows you the directions you may turn from this lane.

Answer B to the NYS drivers permit practice test question suggests that sign 1 is installed before Y intersections. While this is a warning sign, it is not the correct one. This sign is called “ ROAD ENTERING CURVE” and it shows you that the road you are on will have a curve further up the road and that there will be another road joining it at this curve. You may want to slow down a little since there may be cars entering your road from the adjacent roadway.

Answer C to this NYS drivers license practice test question tells us that the sign 2 is marking Y intersection. An interesting notion, but it is not true. This sign is called “WEAVE AREA” and it warns you that you will be merging with another roadway and some traffic from that roadway may be crossing your pass. Exercise caution on this stretch of the road.

Answer D to the NYC drivers permit practice test question states that sign 3 is installed before Y intersections. This looks like the most reasonable answer.

Correct NYS Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this drivers permit test NY question is D:


Warning Sign | Y Intersection

As you can see from its diamond shape and yellow color, this is a warning sign and it can further be classified as one of the intersection signs. Intersection road signs show you in advance how roads join each other. You need to be extra cautious when approaching such intersection as they are most unregulated and will have trafic merging into your lane or crossing your path.

Another important thing we wanted to demonstrate with this sample drivers permit question is the fact that you should read the question very carefully each time. Note that instead of marking these signs as A, B, C and D, the signs are marked with numbers and then these numbers are intentionally mixed up to catch those who rush through the question. The NY DMV phrases questions in a very similar way, beware of this!

If you would like to learn more about New York road signs, make sure to download a copy of the NYS drivers manual from the DMV website. The book is a great resource for everyone who is trying to apply for an NYS learner's permit, it tells you exactly what you need to learn for your permit test and even coaches you the maneuvers you will be tested on during your New York driving test. Get the book and read it at least once before you start taking this NYC drivers permit practice test!

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