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Michigan Permit Test Question 127

Driving under the influence is a big problem, each years thousand of people are killed in traffic accidents that involve drivers who injected alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel. Many states require learners permit applicants to complete a substance abuse program that teaches them the dangers of drunk driving, since these programs are thought to reduce the chances of people getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Questions on the effects of alcohol on your driving ability frequently come up on the Michigan permit test and you really need to work on those if you want to pass the exam the first time you take it. Today we are looking at one of such Michigan permit test questions in more details.

Sample Permit Test Question


A. Slows down your reactions
B. Makes you feel less confident
C. Begins to metabolize itself more quickly
D. Decreases your driving errors

Remember, if you ever encounter a sample permit test question you don't know the answer to, you can always look it up in the Michigan drivers manual, the book that was crafted by the DMV specifically for the purpose of teaching new drivers all important driving laws. The knowledge exam you take at the DMV is based on the information in this book so you really don't need anything but the book and some free Michigan driving test questions to help you pinpoint any rules you may have missed. If you want to pass your Michigan permit test the first time you take it, make sure you read the book!

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this Michigan permit test question states that alcohol slows down your reactions. This sounds reasonable, but let's not rush with the answer. Always read all answers first and select the best one.

Answer B to the Michigan driving test question suggests that alcohol makes you feel less confident as it builds up in your blood. This is not true, in fact, alcohol makes you feel overconfident and you may overestimate your driving ability when driving while intoxicated.

Answer C to this Michigan drivers permit test question tells us that alcohol begins to metabolize itself more quickly as it builds up in your blood. This is not correct as alcohol is metabolized at roughly the same rate that depends mostly on the levels of a certain enzyme you have in your liver.

Answer D to the learners permit test question suggests that higher levels of alcohol decreases your driving errors. Think about this: how can something that makes you drowsy, slows down your reactions and makes you overconfident decrease the number of errors you make behind the wheel?

Correct Answer To The Sample Practice Question

The correct answer to this sample Michigan permit test question is A:


Driving while intoxicated and driving under influence are very serious offenses and you will be caught and prosecuted if you allow yourself to make this error of judgment. Remember: hailing a taxi or having a friend take you home is much safer and will work out to be cheaper too - fines for such offenses are not cheap and you are also looking towards possible imprisonment.

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