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MA Permit Practice Test Question 48

Driving at night is much harder than driving by day: you have other cars blinding you, you may be tired and less alert than during the day and visibility in general is not that great. There are many ways for you to reduce a risk of an accident while driving at night, but you must still recognize the danger of night driving and be prepared to act upon them. Today we are looking at one of the MA permit practice test sample questions that deals with night driving. The real MA permit test will have a number of questions on defensive driving and some of them will also be on night driving, so don't dismiss this question because of its seeming unimportance.

Permit Test Question

Before we get down to this sample question, we wanted to remind you that when it comes to learning the rules of the road, there is no better source of information than the Massachusetts drivers handbook. The book can be downloaded off the RMV website free of charge and it contains answers to all Massachusetts permit test questions. Make sure you read the manual before you start taking any of these practice tests.


A. Road signs
B. Pedestrians
C. Other motorists
D. Street lights

The right answer to this sample permit question is located at the bottom of the page. Read on for the reasoning behind each one of these options.

Practice Test Answers

Answer A to the Massachusetts permit practice test< tells us that it hardest to see road signs when driving at night. I guess this answer is based on the assumption that road signs are quite small and you may miss them. However, this answer is not correct because road signs are made with reflective paint that makes them very visible as long as your headlights are functioning properly.

Answer B to the MA permit practice test< suggests that it is hardest to see pedestrians. This options seems to be the best one so far.

Answer C to the Massachusetts practice permit test< claims that it is hardest to see other motorists. Once again, this does not seem to be right as other vehicles will have headlights and tail lights on so they will be very visible on the road. On top of that, most of the vehicles are equipped with reflective inserts in tail lights and turn signals, so even if the car is not powered on, you will still see it very clearly when your headlights will shine on it.

Answer D to the MA practice permit test< suggests that it is hardest to see street lights. This answer seems to be way off, since street light are very bright and are highly visible. In fact, they are so bright that you don't even want to look straight at them as it may temporarily blind you.

Correct Permit Test Answer

As some of you might have already guessed, the correct answer to this Mass permit test question is B:


There are a few reasons why it is hard to see pedestrians at night, the first one being the fact that pedestrians are much smaller than other objects on the road, such as other vehicles or motorcycles. They don't carry any active sources of light, such as a flashlight, so you will not see them among the light noise that is emitted by other light sources, they will not stand out from the background unless you actually shine your headlights onto them. The matters get even worse when you are using low beam, since in this mode your headlights are pointing down as to not blind other motorists and this really limits the distance your headlights can cover. If you are traveling too fast, there won't be any time to react should a pedestrians get in front of you.

While motorists are advised to use extra caution in places where pedestrians may be crossing the road at night, pedestrians are also encouraged to take actions to ensure their own safety. Wearing white clothes, having reflective inserts in your clothes or shoes, carrying a flashlights when crossing the road - all these things will make you more visible to drivers and will help to ensure your safety.

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