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Kentucky Permit Practice Test Question 126

In our age of electronics, cars are stuffed with computers and most drivers don't even see the need for hand signals, why use them if you have turn signals, stop signals, headlights and emergency lights? You realize what hand signals are for when your electrical systems fail (thankfully, the chance of this happening is quite low unless you are driving a very old car). Hand signals allow you to communicate your intentions to other drivers you share the road and the DMV wants you to know them before allowing you to get behind the wheel. Questions on hand signals are quite common for the Kentucky permit test and we simply could not walk past them when gathering materials for our Kentucky permit practice test. Today we are looking at one of the sample practice permit test KY questions in more details. If you are going to take the real knowledge exam soon, make sure to go through more sample questions and complete the full practice exam at least once!

Sample Question


Hand Signals | Hand Pointing Down A. About to back up

B. Turning right

C. Slowing down or stopping

D. Low on fuel

If you are looking at this permit practice test question and you are not sure what the answer is, pick up a copy of the Kentucky drivers manual and look up the answer there. The reason why we urge everyone to refer to the book as opposed to looking for the right answer at the end of this page is because you are bound to pick up a lot of additional useful information while searching for the answer to this question. Remember, your real permit test is based entirely on the rules that are presented in the manual and downloading the book from the DMV website should be the first thing you do if you are thinking of applying for a Kentucky drivers permit. Seriously, read the book before you show up at one of the testing centers!

KY Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Kentucky permit practice test suggests that the driver is about to back up. This answer is incorrect and unfortunately, there is no universal hand signal drivers could use to warn other users that they are about to back up. One of the reasons why there is no such signal is because your vehicle is usually stationary before you start backing up and you could even exit the vehicle to communicate your intentions to other drivers, so this signal would not be of the highest priority.

Answer B to the Kentucky practice permit test question states that the driver is turning right. While there is a hand signal for turning right, this is not it. If you want to let other drivers know that you are turning right, you need to bend your left arm at the elbow and point upward. No need to point right with your right hand, no one is going to see that inside your vehicle and trying to reach the other window will interfere with your driving.

Answer C to the KY practice permit test question tells us that the driver is signaling his intent to slow down or stop. This looks reasonable, but let's see what other options we have.

Answer D to this permit practice test KY question suggests that the driver is signaling that he is low on fuel. You can usually cross such answers out right away, since it is understandable that you should not be concerned with how much fuel the other driver has. Most of the Kentucky permit test questions will have an answer like this one.

Correct Answer to The Sample Quiz

The correct answer to this Kentucky permit practice test question is C:


Hand Signals | Slowing Down or Stopping

Of course, sometimes drivers simply stick an arm out of the window because they feel like it and they are not trying to communicate any message to you, but we can safely disregard this in the context of this practice permit test. Those who are learning these hand signals just because they need them to be able to pass the permit test may be up for a surprise some time later: DMV examiners may ask you to demonstrate these hand signals when you will be taking the actual Kentucky driving test. Sure, missing a signal or two won't automatically fail you, but it won't give you any extra points either.

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