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Illinois Practice Permit Test Question 11

Today's Illinois permit test question deals with one of the very important matters: sharing the road. Sadly, not all drivers out there behave in a courteous manner and sometimes people forget that it's not even about being polite and courteous towards other drivers, it's about the safety of you and those who surround you. Bicyclists belong to a high-risk group when it comes to riding on public roads, since unlike motorists, they are not surrounded by the steel cage of the vehicle and do not have any safety systems apart from a helmet and a pair of gloves. This Illinois practice permit test question will explain how to pass a bicyclist in a safe manner.

Rules of The Road Question

“When passing a bicyclist, motorists must do so slowly and leave at least ____ feet of passing space:”

There are four possible answers to this practice question, remember that you can only choose one answer.

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Let's find out which one of the answers is correct.

Practice Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Illinois practice permit test tells us to leave only two feet of space between the vehicle and the bicyclist. While this may see, sufficient for some, it may not be enough to ensure the safety of the maneuver. Remember that a cyclist may move towards the center of the lane if he sees an obstacle in front of him and two feet may simply not be enough for you to pass him safely.

Answer B to the Illinois rules of the road practice question tells us that we need to leave at least three feet of passing space between the cyclist and the vehicle. This certainly leaves more space for unforeseen circumstances. Remember that you still have to travel slowly, don't speed past the cyclist.

Answer C to the practice permit test Illinois sample quiz suggests that we leave at least 4 feet of space when passing a bicyclist. This is even better than the previous answer.

Answer D to the rules of the road practice question offers us to leave a five-feet safety cushion between the cyclist and the vehicle. This is definitely the best option, provided you have all that space. Generally, it is safer to leave the cyclist as much space as possible, however this Illinois permit test question asks for the minimum space that you are required to reserve for this maneuver by law.

Correct Permit Test Answer

While there is nothing bad about giving cyclists more space than is required by law, this practice test question is looking to see if you actually know the bare necessary minimum. According to the Illinois rules of the road book, When passing a bicyclist, motorists must do so slowly and leave at least three feet of passing space. Crowding and threatening cyclists is strictly prohibited and you will be cited if caught doing this.

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