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Illinois Practice Driving Test Question 39

There is some argument as to what needs to be learned first: road sign or the traffic law. In our opinion, it is better to learn the law first, this way, once you start learning the signs, you will know when they are used, so it will be much easier to understand and memorize them. Today we are looking at one of the road signs questions from the Illinois permit test. The permit test will have quite a few questions on road signs, so we decided to go ahead and cover them in our Illinois drivers permit practice test. Make sure to read the handbook before you study these sample questions.

Driving Practice Question

“This is the shape and color of a ________ sign.”

Regulatory Sign | Illinois Drivers Permit Test Practice A. Stop
B. Wrong way
C. Yield
D. Do not enter

Remember, all road signs that are used on public roads are covered in the Illinois drivers manual. You should read the rules of the road book before you hit the real permit test at the DMV.

Practice Drivers Test Answers

Answer A to the Illinois practice driving test suggests that this is the shape and color of a stop sign. While the color scheme certainly fits - it is red and white - the shape is nowhere close to the stop sign. The stop sign has a shape of an octagon, it has eight sides and it is not easy to confuse it for anything else.

Answer B to the Illinois drivers license practice test tells us that this is the wrong way sign. Same as with a stop sign, the “wrong way” road sign has the same color scheme, it is also red and white, however it is completely different in shape. The “wrong way” sign has rectangular shape.

Answer C to the Illinois drivers permit practice test claims that this is a yield sign. So far, this is the best option.

Answer D to the Illinois permit test question tells us that this is a “DO NOT ENTER” sign. Do not enter signs work together with “wrong way” signs and are placed in the beginning of one way streets and ramps. While it uses the same colors as the yield sign, it does not look similar to the sign in the picture.

Correct Illinois Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Illinois permit test question is C:

“This is the shape and color of a yield sign”

All signs mentioned in this sample question belong to the category of regulatory signs, the signs that tell you what you must do or mu not do, according to the law. Obeying messages from these signs is a must, failure to do so with result in a fine and a citation.

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