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Illinois DMV Practice Test Question 98

Road rage is a big issue for us today and you should know the right way to deal with aggressive drivers. While the Illinois permit test rarely features questions on road rage, learning how to handle drivers who drive aggressively is important for your own safety and that is why we included a number of sample question that cover dealing with road rage into our Illinois DMV practice test. Even if you want to skip this particular question, you should still check out the complete IL DMV practice permit test as it has many other questions that will come up during your Illinois drivers permit test.

Sample DMV Question


A. Pull next to the driver and yell at him or her
B. Get back at the other driver by cutting him or her off
C. Sound your horn or flash your headlights
D. Ignore the driver

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Once you are done with the book, treat yourself to this free Illinois DMV practice test! Taking the practice test is a great way to find out of you missed anything while reading the booklet!

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Illinois DMV practice test suggests that the best thing to do when someone cuts you off in traffic is to pull next to the driver and yell at him or her. This is definitely not a good thing to do as you may provoke the other driver.

Answer B to the Illinois DMV practice permit test question offers you to retaliate and cut the other driver off to teach him or her a lesson. This is wrong for a number of reasons. While trying to catch up with the other driver, you will be distracted and may break traffic rules or miss road signs. You may also inconvenience other drivers on the road and lead to more people being frustrated with your actions.

Answer C to the Illinois permit test question states that you should sound your horn or flash your headlights. Just like other answers above, this is incorrect as it may aggravate and provoke the other driver.

Answer D to the Illinois DMV permit test offers you to ignore the offender. This looks like the best option.

Answer To The DMV Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this Illinois permit test question is D:


When you encounter an aggressive driver, you should try and ignore him. Do not retaliate if someone cuts you off, sometimes you may be cut off unintentionally and the other driver may not have even realized the mistake, while your actions may lead to a confrontation.

We wanted to remind you that questions on road rage are rarely covered by the Illinois permit test and it is presented here for your own benefit, you will not see it when you will go in to apply for your Illinois learners permit. If you want to check out questions that will be covered by the permit exam, please take the Illinois DMV practice test that is available on the site!

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