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Hawaii Practice Permit Tests to Help you nail the DMV exam!

Hawaii Practice Permit Test

The first step is the hardest of all, but not with this awesome Hawaii practice permit test! We have selected 20 easy questions to help you get started on your permit test today! Try it, it's free!

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Hawaii Practice Permit Test 2

Learn fast with this express practice permit test! Twenty multiple choice questions, immediate feedback, great images to keep you entertained - it doesn't get better than this!

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Hawaii Practice Permit Test 3

No such thing as being overly prepared for the Hawaii permit test! Take another leap, do another 20 questions on road signs and traffic rules right now!

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Hawaii Road Signs Practice Test

Your first 20 signs for the Hawaii permit test! Learn the essentials and pass the DMV written test the first time you take it! Great images, immediate feedback, free retests!

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Hawaii Road Signs Practice Test 2

Don't go to the DMV until you take this drivers permit practice test! Over 100 questions on Hawaii road signs, the ultimate self-assessment tool for the 2015 DMV road sign test!

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Hawaii DMV Cheat Sheet

You live in the 21st century and we've got study tools to match! Prepare for your Hawaii permit test and pass with over 500 drivers permit test questions and answers!

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Hawaii Permit Test Simulator

Want to study real Hawaii permit test questions? We've got hundreds of them! Pass your 2015 Hawaii DMV permit test with the help of the Simulator, the ultimate online practice permit test!

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Did you know that more than a half of all first-time Hawaii permit test takers fail the exam? That's huge! Just think about it, thousands of applicants failing the 2015 learners permit test every day! Most of them will blame the Hawaii DMV, the weather, the questions being too hard and not what they expected them to be. They will think of hundreds of different reasons on why they have failed the exam, most of them dismissing a simple fact – they all failed to prepare for the Hawaii drivers permit test in the first place! That's right! The majority of those who fail the DMV exam on their first visit don't make any effort to learn the rules, and they pay for it dearly. Don't make the same mistake, prepare for the DMV permit test before you choose to go into the local office!

There has never been a better time to prepare for the learners permit test than today and we have the technology to thank for it. What choices did we have previously? A driver's education class at school? A drivers manual you could pick up at a local DMV office, if they had any copies available? Today, you can enjoy the abundance of learning tools without as much as leaving the house. Online Hawaii practice permit tests, drivers handbooks you can print, read it on the screen or even have an app read the book to you, online drivers ed classes and flashcards... And these tools are available to you free of charge or at a fraction of the cost you would pay for them a few years ago! A quick search on Google yield hundreds of Hawaii driver's ed providers offering courses that start as low as $9-10!

Let's forget about drivers ed for a second and concentrate on the task at hand, that is, passing the permit test on your first DMV visit. While you can definitely find some fancy permit test study guides and pay a pretty penny for them, the essential study tools are free and you only need two things to nail that test – a drivers handbook and a good Hawaii permit practice test! We have assembled all of these tools for you right here! We went even further and have developed MULTIPLE practice permit quizzes with hundreds of different permit test questions you can study! And yes, all of them are completely free to use. The only thing you need now is a little time and patience, that driver's permit is as good as yours!

All of our Hawaii drivers permit practice tests feature multiple choice questions, just like the real test! Some of the questions are in-house developed, some came straight from the real permit test and were submitted by other users, just like yourself! Each and every practice permit test quiz you see on the website is based on the official drivers handbook and you can find answers to all of these permit test questions in the book. Surprised? You shouldn't be! The real DMV permit test is based on this very same book, the Hawaii drivers manual, there's not a permit test question you can't answer with the help of the booklet. We want to keep things as close to the real thing as possible and that is why we base our Hawaii practice permit test questions on the same handbook!

How many permit practice quizzes should you take before you visit your local DMV office? This is a hard question and there is no simple answer. It is our belief that you should try and cover as many different practice permit tests as you can before you hit the office, but it is the grade you receive on these practice exams that matters the most. We recommend that you don't stop working on these sample questions until you can score no less than 90% every time you take an Hawaii learners permit practice test. Receiving a score that high every time shows that you are well-prepared for the real challenge and gives you a great advantage during your visit to the DMV!


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