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Hawaii Road Signs Practice Permit Test (HI) 2015

Want to know what the single most important topic on the 2015 Hawaii permit test really is?  No, it's not traffic penalties, blood alcohol limits or child seat belt restrictions as most of the students believe.  These are important, don't doubt it for even a second, but the most important subject on the learners permit test is road signs!  Amazingly, it is also the most disregarded one, since students tend to concentrate on what they perceive to be significant.  Don't make the same mistake, start studying traffic signs today with the help of this free Hawaii road signs practice permit test 2015!  Multiple choice questions, great images, takes less than 5 minutes to complete - nothing beats this quiz!

The DMV permit test in Hawaii is surrounded by hundreds of myths, myths that have nothing to do with reality yet force soon-to-be drivers waste unnecessary time on studying things that are of less importance and ignore some of the paramount subjects at the same time.   Road signs is a great example of these myths - most of the first-time test takers don't dedicate any time whatsoever to studying road signs, choosing to invest their attention into learning the rules they perceive to be of more importance.  Blood alcohol limits, child seat belt laws, speed limits and traffic fines - many students get so involved in studying these things that they forget a very simple fact - these subjects, despite their apparent importance, will contribute just a few questions to the drivers permit test, while questions that cover road signs can take up to a third of the entire exam!  What does this mean to you?  It means that 30% of your overall grade for the Hawaii DMV permit test will depend on how well you know your signs!  With this in mind, you would be a fool not to study them!

Here is another myth about the DMV written test - Hawaii drivers permit test questions that cover road signs are about "common knowledge" and thus, you don't need to study them!  This may be true, depending on how you choose to define common knowledge.  If you know how to identify road signs based on their color or shape, group traffic signs into different categories and know the difference between these categories, are able to prioritize between different groups of signs and have no trouble telling apart the merge sign and the side-road sign - then permit test questions on road signs will seem like common knowledge to you.  However, statistics show that most of the students who go into the DMV office to take the drivers permit test for the first time lack these basic skills and fail the permit test miserably.  Fortunately, you can avoid this mistake and this free Hawaii road signs practice test will help you do just that!

The road signs practice test was designed to teach you your first 20 DMV permit test questions that deal with road signs and have some fun while you're doing it.  The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions, with four answers provided for every question.  Almost every question has a great image to serve as a visual queue, but don't freak out if you hit a question that doesn't have one - this is what real permit test questions are like and not all of them will have images to help you, you must start learning how to identify traffic signs based on their textual description alone.  Don't worry if you happen to make a mistake or two (or even three), they are part of the learning experience, the goal is to learn from these mistakes and your 2015 Hawaii road signs practice permit test will assist you with that.  Whenever you misstep and pick a wrong answer, the system will place your practice test on pause and draw your attention to the error.  In addition to that, the practice permit test will display the correct answer and a detailed description of the road sign covered by that question, so you don't have to lose the momentum and wonder off looking for more info about the sign.  This kind of immediate feedback helps you learn much faster and stay focused throughout the entire test, resulting in an intense express study session! Speed learning, that's what this is all about!

Study sheets is a great thing to supplement this free Hawaii road signs practice permit test with and you have plenty of options here.  If you like fancy things, you could purchase some printable road sign study sheets from one of the commercial driving schools, but you really don't have to, there are plenty of free options available online and you don't even have to spend hours looking for them!  The 2015 Hawaii drivers test book contains a list of all road signs that will be on the permit test and guess what?  It's printable!  Just download a pdf file with the book to your computer, print pages 43-49 and you've got yourself a great set of free Hawaii road signs study sheets!  Post them somewhere near the computer screen and keep referring to them as you're working on your practice permit test!