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Hawaii DMV Practice Permit Test (HI) 2015

Don't want to spend days stuck in the drivers ed class, having to watch the same old slides and listen to the same old speech?  We've got a fun alternative to the drivers ed school, a permit test study tool that can help you prepare for the DMV written test on your own terms!  Study real-world permit test questions and answers, get graded immediately and watch your skills grow with this free Hawaii DMV practice permit test 2015!  All it takes is five minutes of your time!  Don't delay any longer, start earning points towards your drivers license right now!

If you are being worried about being overly prepared for your Hawaii DMV permit test, let us set your mind at ease - there is really not such thing as being over-prepared for an exam and your DMV written test is no exception.  You are either prepared or you're not, it's as simple as that!  With this in mind, we recommend that you do your best and take as many different practice tests as you can lay your hands on before you visit your local DMV office, starting with this free Hawaii DMV practice permit test!

The exam is built around 20 questions that cover Hawaii road signs and traffic rules.  Quiz questions don't revolve around any specific topic, we do our best to keep our DMV practice tests balanced and comprehensive.  Defensive driving, driving on highways, parking on hills, recognizing traffic signals, right-of-way rules and driving in hazardous conditions - it's all there!  All questions on this 2015 Hawaii DMV practice test are multiple choice, every question having three or four answers and only one of those answers being correct.  Want an advice that is worth a million?  Well, maybe not a million, but it's definitely worth a few questions you won't miss on your drivers permit test.  The advice is simple - do not rush while taking the exam.   In fact, forget about the clock.  Most of the students who take the test for the first time are so stressed they do their best to be done with the exam as quickly as possible, picking the first answer that seems right and sometimes not even reading all of the provided options.  This is a problem because your Hawaii permit test includes quite a few "tricky" questions that have a few answers that may seem similar at first.  These questions were designed by the DMV to ensure that you really know your stuff and you're bound to miss these questions if you are stampeding through the exam.  Slow down, take a few deep breaths and make sure you have read all of the answers before you pick a winner.  In fact, you should start doing it right now, as you're working on this free Hawaii practice permit test, get into this good habit early!

We believe in the power of constant feedback and all of our practice tests utilize the idea to the max, this DMV practice permit test being no exception.  The exam is graded on the fly and you are alerted to any mistake you make the moment it takes place!  Whenever you make a mistake, your practice test is placed on pause and the correct answer is displayed to you.  Hold on, it gets better!  Besides providing you with the correct answer, the system will always furnish a detailed explanation for that answer, so you don't have to spend time on researching the rule in the drivers manual.  Don't get us wrong, we're not saying you shouldn't read the official Hawaii DMV drivers handbook (in fact, we urge you to do so before you begin working on the exam), but we want you to stay focused while working on this practice test and having to do research simultaneously with taking the exam is bound to make your mind wonder.  Do the test, then read the book, or vice versa, but don't read the book while taking the exam!

If you need assistance with any of the questions on this free Hawaii DMV practice test 2015, don't hesitate to buzz in and use the comment box to drop us a line!  Enjoy the quiz and good luck!