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Hawaii Practice Permit Test (HI) 2015

Don't let procrastination ruin your DMV experience, let us help you get started on your 2015 Hawaii permit test today!  We have carefully selected 20 easy learners permit test questions to help you get the ball rolling and gain some momentum before you have to tackle something more serious and complex! This free Hawaii practice permit test 2015 is your magic key to successfully passing the DMV written test the first time you take it! Don't bookmark this test, don't save it on Facebook, don't e-mail the link to yourself in the hopes that you will take the exam later, start working on your practice test right now!  After all, it only takes 5 minutes!

You schedule your DMV appointment a month in advance, download the drivers ed handbook, find yourself some practice tests to study and then you find yourself not being able to use any of these resources.  The book seems to contain too many rules (they don't expect you to know all this, do they?), a great-looking Hawaii practice permit test with 150 questions you have found is too overwhelming... Besides, you've got the whole month to study, what's the point of forcing yourself do this today?  Keep making these excuses and you will find yourself high and dry, doing an all-nighter before the appointment day and then failing your DMV permit test miserably!  You are not the only person to make up excuses not to study for the knowledge test and we've got some good and bad news for you.  The bad news is that if you continue to procrastinate, you will fail the exam.  Sure, one in every ten students who are trying to wing the test manage to pass, but these are really not the odds you want to be playing against.  The good news - procrastination is easy to beat and this free practice permit test Hawaii quiz can help you do just that.  Read on to find out how this sample exam can help you beat some of the common rationalizations made up by drivers license applicants in Hawaii.

Excuse #1 - The drivers ed handbook has too many rules listed there, so I won't read it.  This one is simply beyond logic.  The DMV makes it extremely clear that the entire permit test is based on materials provided in the book, which automatically makes it a perfect Hawaii permit test study guide! The book may seem like it's got too much stuff in it, but you're not expected to learn it word for word.  Just read the book once, taking note of anything that may seem important, such as legal blood alcohol contents, speed limits and traffic penalties.  You can even write some of these things down in a notebook or on a piece of paper.  Oh, and by the way, who said that you have to read the entire book at once?  Just break it up into chapters and mix it up with taking this free Hawaii practice permit test and other sample quizzes on the site!  Read a chapter - take a test, read a chapter - take a test!  You will be done in the matter of days and won't feel stressed over it!

Excuse #2 - the 150 question practice permit test didn't help, so I won't take any other exams.  This is one of the worst things you could do.  The only reason why the 150-question practice exam did not teach you much is because it is not aimed at beginners and was meant to be used by someone who has already tucked some rules under his belt.  If you are just starting off - this 20-question Hawaii permit practice test is the one to take!  It's easier to learn 20 questions than to learn 150 of them, splitting the overall workload into smaller, manageable pieces can do you a world of good!  Don't take our word for it - try it for yourself, the test only takes 5 minutes to complete and it's completely free, what have you got to lose?

Excuse #3 - my appointment is not due for a month, I don't have to start studying today. Wrong.  You do have to start studying asap or you will find yourself procrastinating through the entire month, having to go into the DMV office unprepared.  Besides, starting early and doing a little every day has a number of advantages you may not have thought of yet. You don't have to schedule lengthy study sessions and spend hours in front of the computer.  Studying 5-10 minutes a day will be more than enough if you start early (completing this Hawaii drivers permit practice test takes 5 minutes, so you can do the quiz twice in one day!).  You can prepare on your own schedule and you can even skip a day or two - once you've gained the momentum, you can really give yourself a break once in a while!

Remember  that studying for the drivers permit test has to be neither hard, nor boring! Work on this free Hawaii practice permit test 2015 and other quizzes on the website every day and challenge your friends to beat your grades, have a little competition and have fun!