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Georgia Teen and Parent Driving Guide

Georgia Teen and Parent Driving Guide

As of January 2007, all Georgia drivers license applicants who are under the age of 17 must complete 40 hours of supervised driving with their parents. The Georgia teen driving guide can help both teenagers and parents plan their driving lessons.

Driving Guide Contents

The driving guide was developed by the Georgia DDS in order to help both parents and teens to navigate through the first hours of driving. It is divided into 30 driving sessions. Each driving session takes the teenage driver one step further, slowly easing them into controlling a vehicle. A checklist is provided at the end of each session so parents can keep track of all exercises performed by their student driver.

In addition to driving lesson plans and the checklists, the guide also has the Georgia driving log that must be presented at the DDS upon the application for a drivers license.Georgia Teen and Parent Driving Guide

obtaining the driving guide

the georgia dds makes the driving guide as available as possible. you can pick up a copy of the driving guide from the local dds office or you may just download the guide from the dds website and print it at your home.

other requirements

in addition to completing 40 hours of supervised driving, georgia learners permit holders are required to complete a drivers education class that satisfies the Joshua’s law requirements. The class can be completed at your high school or you may choose to take it online.