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DDS Practice Test Question 50

While it is easy to remember the most common traffic signs you see on the road every say, such as the stop sign or the yield sign, there are certain signals that are much more rare. Nevertheless, you are required to learn them if you want to pass your DDS permit test in Georgia. Today's question from the DDS practice test deals with one of such rare traffic signs. Amazingly, this question almost always appears on the real Georgia permit test, so you should really commit this one to your memory.

DDS Practice Test Question

We wanted to remind each and every one of you that these DDS practice tests and all sample questions we have on the site are based on the official Georgia drivers handbook, the same book the real permit test is based on. Please read the book before you start taking practice tests, you cannot imagine how much good comes from studying the manual.


DDS Practice Test | Orange Triangle Red Outline A. Carries radioactive materials
B. Takes wide turns
C. Travels at slower speeds than normal traffic
D. Makes frequent stops

If you are just looking for the right answer to this sample question, scroll down the page. Read on if you want to find out the reasoning behind each one of these questions. Remember that with some questions, you may come very close to guessing the right answer by eliminating those options that are just outright wrong.

DDS Test Answers

DDS Practice Test | Radioactivity Traffic SignAnswer A to this DDS practice test question suggests that an orange triangle marks vehicles that carry radioactive materials. This is not true, there is actually a universal sign that is used to mark everything radioactive. This is how the sign for radioactivity looks.

DDS Practice Test | Trucks Making Wide Turns SignAnswer B to the DDS GA practice test suggests that orange triangles mark vehicles that take wide turns. White there is no universal sign to mark vehicles that make wide turns, most of them would be self-explanatory and will look similar to the sign in this picture.

Answer C to this DDS test question tells us that this sign is used to mark vehicles that travel at speeds slower than normal traffic. So far, this is the most reasonable answer out there.

DDS Practice Test | Vehicles Making Frequent Stops SignAnswer D to the DMV practice test GA sample question suggests that an orange triangle is used to mark vehicles that make frequent stops, such as vehicles that are employed for making deliveries, public transportation, etc. Just like with answer B, there is no universal DDS-approved traffic sign to mark vehicles that make frequent stops, but lately traffic sign manufacturers are trying to make them all look similar. A typical sign to mark a vehicle that makes frequent stops would look something like this.

Correct Answer To The Georgia DMV Practice Test

The correct answer this Georgia DDS test question is B:


The slow moving vehicle road sign is made with a reflective red outline which is highly visible at night and an orange middle that is visible by day. In most cases, the sign is placed onto vehicles that travel at the speed of 25 mph or less or vehicles that travel significantly slower than the rest of the traffic, such as large trucks or farm equipment. When you see a vehicle with an orange triangle traffic sign, do not honk your horn to pass it. Stay a safe distance back and pass the vehicle when it is safe to do so.

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