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Alabama Drivers License - AL Learners Permit

Alabama Driver License

If you want to get the Alabama driver license, you will be required to pass the written permit test at the Department of Public Safety. Although you may think that you are prepared for the learner permit test, you might still want to test your skills with the Alabama free permit test. This will ensure that you will pass your DMV test the first time you take it.

Alabama driver license or learner permit application

Although you may show up for your learner permit test without making any prior arrangements, it is best to contact the DPS office near you and set up an appointment. This will allow you to avoid standing in line.

Be prepared for your Alabama driver license test. When you come in for your test, you are required to do the following:

  1. be at least 15 and ½ years of age
  2. bring proper identification
  3. bring your birth certificate
  4. present your social security card
  5. pay the written testing fee
  6. present verification of school attendance (only for applicants under 19 year of age)
  7. pass the vision exam
  8. pass the written permit test

Successful completion of the exam entitles you to the Alabama learner license. The learner license will be valid for 4 years. In case of expiration, the Alabama learner license can be renewed once.

Alabama behind the wheel experience

Alabama learner permit holders who are younger than 18 cannot operate a vehicle unless they are supervised by a licensed driver older than 21. The supervising driver must occupy the front passenger seat. The student will be required to complete at least 30 hours of supervised driving before they can apply for an unrestricted Alabama driver license.

Alabama Driver Education

Although it is not legally required to take a driver education course in Alabama, students who are younger than 18 are advised to do so. Taking a state-approved Alabama driver education course will also replace the compulsory 30 hours of driving instructions.

Alabama Driver license application

Once you have held your Alabama learner permit for at least 6 months and fulfill all other requirements, you may apply for the Alabama driver license. You will be required to take the road test at one of the DPS locations. Upon successful completion of your road test, you will be issued with the Alabama driver license.