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Washington Drivers Ed - Washington Drivers Education

Washington Drivers Education

Washington drivers education classes can help you become a safer driver and prepare you for the drivers permit exam. Better yet, taking one of the state-approved Washington driver ed classes makes you eligible for the insurance discount.

Graduated Drivers License

Drivers education classes are part of the Washington graduated drivers license system. The main target of the GDL laws are teen drivers under 18 years of age. Statistics show that such drivers are more likely to be involved in a traffic accident due to such factors as lack of driving experience and proneness to risk-taking behavior. The graduated drivers license system counteracts these factoss by introducing a number of restrictions that apply only to drivers under 18 old.

Washington driver's education classes usually include both the classroom instruction time and the behind the wheel practice, so the driver gets a chance to gain some essential driving experience in a low-risk environment before getting out there on the road.

Why Take Drivers Ed

The main reason why anyone should consider taking a drivers education class is because driver's ed is proven to make you a safer driver. When you are taking the class, you are investing in your own safety, something you cannot disregard.

If you are just 15, participating in a driver's education program is the only way for you to obtain your Washington learners permit. You will need to present your proof of enrollment in drivers ed, signed by the instructor, at the drivers license office at the time of your application.

Some students get put off by a seemingly high price of the drivers education classes, however that is a common misconception. Taking a drivers education course may make you eligible for the insurance discount for the next couple of years and the amount of the discount is enough to cover your drivers ed expenses in most cases, so in the end, you save more money than you pay.

Finally, another reason to take a Washington driver ed course is because it prepares you for the written knowledge exam that you will have to take before you can be issued with a permit or a license. The knowledge exam will assess your familiarity with the Washington driving law and the questions on the test may be somewhat tricky. Drivers ed does a great job of preparing you for the challenge.

If you are looking for other ways to prepare for the permit exam, you should grab yourself a free copy of the Washington drivers ed book, which is distributed free of charge. Study the book, then take a few practice tests to see how well you've learned the material.

Drivers Ed Curriculum

All drivers education schools in Washington must follow the same curriculum, which is state-approved. The class must contain at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and 5 hour of behind the wheel lessons. Please note that you will have to get your learners permit before you can start the behind the wheel lessons.

Driver's Education Classes

The drivers education classes in Washington are offered by high schools and commercial driving schools. It does not matter which course you take as long as it is certified by the state. You can always check if the school is certified by contacting the Washington Department of Licensing.

Although the state does not require anyone who's over 15 and ½ years of age to complete a drivers education program before obtaining a drivers license, you should still consider doing so no matter how old you are. The course is guaranteed to make you a safer driver and you cannot put a price tag on safety.