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MVA Permit Test Question 102

Today we are looking at one of the MVA permit test questions that deals with using your high beams headlights and defensive driving tactics. Knowing how to use your headlights correctly and when it is appropriate to switch between high beams and low beams is important because you may blind other drivers if you use your high beams and the other vehicle is just too close to you. However, what do you do when someone is coming towards you and he is not switching from high beams to low beams? Sure, you can flash your high beams a few times to let the guy know what the problem is, in case he forgot it, but what do you do if this does not help, how do you avoid being blinded? Check out the MVA permit test question below to find out if your answer is right! You should also take the full MVA practice permit test that is available to Maryland students on this website!

MVA Permit Question


A. Either side
B. The center
C. The right side
D. The left side

We wanted to remind those who are trying to wing the MVA permit test just by going through sample MVA questions that this is highly unlikely to allow you to pass the real exam! Reading the official Maryland MVA drivers manual is absolutely essential for anyone who does not want to have to visit MVA multiple times! If you want to pass the test the first time - read the book before you start taking these MVA practice tests! Sample tests are great at showing you where you stand right now and how well you know certain driving rules or road signs but they do not cover all Maryland permit test questions, while the book does!

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this MVA permit test question suggests that it does not matter which side of the road you will look towards when someone is coming towards you with high beams on. This simply does not sound logical and is incorrect. If you are looking to the left side of the road, you are looking almost right at the vehicle with high beams on, this will be similar to looking directly at the sun!

Answer B to this Maryland permit test question states that you should look towards the center of the road. While this is certainly a better option than looking towards the oncoming vehicle, it is still not the best choice you can make. This answer is incorrect.

Answer C to the MVA Maryland permit test question tells you to look towards the right side of the road. This sounds reasonable as this way you will look away from the light source. Best answer so far, but let's have a look at the last option.

Answer D to this Maryland MVA permit test question offers you to look to the left side of the road. We covered this in explanation to answer A: looking towards the left side of the road will result in you looking almost straight at the light source, which will ensure you temporary blindness. This is the worst thing you can do in the situation like the one described.

Correct Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this MVA permit test question is C:


Looking towards the right side of the road, away from the light source, will reduce your chances of being “blinded” by the headlights of the oncoming vehicle. Make sure to check out the complete MVA practice permit test for more questions like this one!

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