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Washington D.C. Road Signs Practice Test (DC) 2015

If there is a single topic that can make or break or learners permit test, it's the road signs! Despite being one of the most overlooked subjects on the DMV exam, the importance of studying Washington DC road signs cannot be overstated.  The 2015 Washington DC learners permit test has 20 questions and a quarter of those usually cover traffic signs, which makes road signs THE topic to study.  Start with this free Washington DC road signs practice test 2015, a sample quiz that features 20 essential questions on DC traffic signs! It only takes a moment to complete, don't put it off until tomorrow and do the test right now!

Road signs is one of the most ignored parts of the learners permit test - those students who choose to study (and we are not even going to talk about those who go into the DMV office hoping to just wing the drivers permit test, not taking a moment to do an online practice permit test once) usually dedicate most of their time to learning the rules of the road, skipping past the signs because they believe they already know everything there is to know about them.  Traffic signs are easy to ignore - they are very common, we see them every day and so we grow to believe that we really, really know them.  A dangerous delusion that could not be further from the truth!  Everyone's fine with the basics - we know what to do when we see a stop sign, we know what a speed limit sign looks like, but as soon as you dive a little deeper, beyond these basic traffic signs, you realize that you don't know Washington D.C. signs even half as well as you thought!  Consider one of the basic skills - identifying DC  road signs by shape.  Without looking into the DC drivers manual, can you tell what is the only octagonal sign out there? How about a pennant?  Pentagon, anyone?  If you think that you won't be tested on this skill when you show up for your DMV permit test appointment, you've got a major surprise coming your way! Every Washington DC permit test paper has a question that requires you to identify traffic signs by shape and / or color and you better get your game together before you find yourself in front of the DMV computer!

The good news is that our free Washington DC road signs practice test teaches you this skill and many others too.  While we could only include 20 sample questions into this practice exam (more about that later), we have made sure that the test is as balanced as possible, it covers all of the essentials and serves as a great kick-start practice test to help you get the ball rolling.  Why haven't we just dropped all the DC road sign permit test questions into your lap?  We don't believe it would do any good!  Our question bank has over 100 questions that cover road signs for the DC permit test, completing  massively-sized exam like that will take a lot of time and it's likely to leave you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of materials you need to cover.  We believe in small steps and that's why most of our quizzes can be completed in just under 5 minutes!  Study frequently instead of spending hours at a time in front of the computer screen and you will get there in no time at all!

If you need some printable DC road signs study sheets and you want to get them free of charge, we recommend that you start by having a close look at the official 2015 Washington DC drivers manual.  The book contains a list of all road signs you will be tested on and guess what?  It is printable!  Just download the book to your computer or iPhone and print out all of the pages that cover road signs! Post them on the wall where you can see them at all times and keep them up there until you've passed your drivers permit test!  This kind of constant visual reminder does great things for your memory, really helps you to nail everything and remember it long after you pass the learners permit test (you're not learning traffic signs just to pass the permit test, right?). 

For most of our free DC DMV practice tests, we recommend that you work until you can answer 90% of all questions correctly, but the story is different with traffic signs.  We believe that the signs are so important that you should take your time and work on the road sings practice test until you are able to answer ALL of the sample questions correctly.  Don't worry, it doesn't take that much time and it will really pay off during your DMV permit test appointment, the margin for error on the real test is extremely low!  Good luck and remember, this free Washington DC road signs practice test 2015 is just the first one in the line up of traffic sign sample quizzes, be sure to check other exams as well!