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Washington D.C. Road Signs DMV Practice Test (DC) 2015

Worried about road signs questions on the permit test?  We've got just the cure, the ultimate self-assessment practice permit test that will help you identify any traffic signs you might have missed while studying for your 2015 Washington DC permit test!  Over 100 DC permit test questions and answers that cover road signs, split into easy-to-take 20-question quizzes, immediate feedback throughout the entire test and awesome images - this free Washington D.C. road signs practice permit test 2015 is your magic key to successfully passing the knowledge test the first time!  Don't wait until the last day, take the test right now and find out if you're ready for the real thing!

If we were asked to pick a single most important subject on the DC permit test, we would give the number one spot to road signs without a moment of hesitation.  The most overlooked, yet imperative subject that can cost you your learners permit.  A quarter of the entire Washington DC learners permit test is dedicated to signs and there is absolutely no excuse to not studying them.  We know you believe that permit test questions on road signs are common knowledge, but this is a dangerous myth you will have to overcome.   This road signs DMV practice test will help you realize just how complex questions on traffic signs may be and identify the traffic signs you may need to study before you go into the DMV for your drivers test appointment.

The most striking difference between this free DC road signs practice test and other exams you might have worked on before is how questions for the test are chosen.  A regular practice permit test works with a predefined set of questions that don't change, no matter how many times you take the exam.  The order of those questions can be rotated or shuffled, but they will still be the same questions at the end of the day, covering the same road signs.  The DC DMV practice test you are looking at right now is different, it is a self-assessment tool and as such, it spans the entire range of Washington DC road signs.  The exam is hooked up to a question bank of over 100 sample permit test questions and it chooses 20 new questions from that bank to provide you with a unique sample exam every time you begin the test. This is great for two reasons - it helps you to avoid any bias, get an accurate reading of your current abilities and it pinpoints any road signs you don't know with a high degree of accuracy.    Once you see what questions you keep missing, you can use the regular practice permit tests or free DC road signs study sheets to learn those signs and avoid making the same mistakes in the future!  Note that the self-assessment practice test does not have any integrated study aids and thus we don't recommend that you use it for studying the signs, exercising with the help of regular road sign practice tests will allow you to learn the materials much faster!

One of the most common questions we get about this free DC road signs practice permit test is how similar are these sample questions to the ones that will be on the real test?  Are these the questions you are going to get on your DMV exam?  While we cannot guarantee that you will get these exact questions on the real test (the DMV uses a bunch of different test papers and there is no way of telling which one you will get), we want to assure you that you are studying the right stuff!  Some of these sample questions came straight from the DC drivers permit test and were submitted to us by students who have already taken th exam, others were developed with the help of the DC drivers manual and are based on the information covered by the real exam.  You have to realize that the goal of the exercise is not to memorize answers to a limited number of permit test questions, it is to learn the rules and the signs themselves and this practice permit test does a great job of helping you do that!

If you believe that this free Washington DC road signs practice permit test 2015 is missing a traffic sign, don't hesitate to post it into the comment box on this page, we'll research it and add it to the exam asap!  Thanks and good luck at the DMV!