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Washington D.C. Drivers Permit Practice Test (DC) 2015

Not having time to study for the Washington DC learners permit test is not an excuse the DMV is willing to accept and you will have to find the time if you want to get a drivers license!  Do it right the first time, don't go into the DMV office until you have completed this free Washington D.C. drivers permit practice test 2015!  Twenty new questions on traffic laws and road signs, instantaneous feedback, based on the real DMV exam and the 2015 DC drivers manual!  Oh, and did we mention that this practice test takes less than five minutes to complete?  Just five minutes of your time to help you get one step closer to obtaining a drivers license!  Don't miss this opportunity!

There is no such thing as being "over prepared" for the Washington DC permit test, there is no such thing as studying too many permit test questions and answers, there is no such thing as taking too many DC DMV practice tests.  Seriously, there isn't!  Over 50% of all drivers license applicants fail the written knowledge test the first time they take it, but they don't fail because they've done too much studying and they keep on second-guessing themselves.  Most of the people who have failed have never opened the drivers manual, have not taken a single DC drivers practice test, have not bothered with any permit test cheat sheets!  So don't worry about studying too much and remember that every practice test you take now takes you yet another step closer to obtaining that District of Columbia drivers license you've always wanted!

This DC drivers ed practice test is built around 20 multiple choice questions, with four answers provided for every sample question.  We know how strapped for time you are and how you would like to get through the test as quickly as possible, but try and restrain yourself, don't rush through this DC drivers practice test and get into the habit of considering all of the provided answers for each and every question on the exam.  Most of the students who are racing against the clock go for the first answer that seems right, without taking a moment to read through other options and that is a big problem, since the real Washington DC drivers permit test contains a bunch of questions that will offer you a few answers that may seem similar at first.  If you dash through through the exam, you are bound to miss many of these questions and the DMV written test has an extremely small margin for error - you cannot miss more than four questions on the exam.  This free DC drivers license practice test is not timed and you should start getting into the habit of taking the time to consider all of the provided choices before picking the best answer, it can save you a lot of headache later down the line!

If you notice that you're missing too many of these online driving practice test DC questions, don't kill yourself over it!  Seriously, mistakes are a normal part of the learning process, they help you identify your weaknesses so you can work on them!  Don't get discouraged and don't stop studying - this is the worst thing you could do!  Our drivers practice test provides you with immediate feedback throughout the entire exam and you always know when you have made a mistake.  The correct answer will always be displayed next to the option you have chosen and the exam will provide you with a detailed explanation so you can learn right there on the spot, without having to search for the answer in the drivers manual.   Don't skimp on these explanations, they do a great job of helping you memorize the answer faster and you will be able to remember it for longer!  Whenever you miss a sample question on this 2015 DC drivers permit practice test, take a pause, read the correct answer, read the explanation and don't proceed to the next question until you're 100% sure that you understand the rule covered by that question!

The secret to passing the Washington D.C. permit test is extremely simple - start early and do a little every day!  We believe that you need at least two weeks to prepare for the permit test if you don't want to spend hours in front of the computer or do an all-nighter before your DMV appointment (one of the worst ideas, to be honest).   Work on this and every other free Washington D.C. drivers practice test 2015 every day and you will pass the real DMV written test with flying colors!  Good luck!