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Washington D.C. Practice Permit Test (DC) 2015

Don't let procrastination stop you from passing the Washington D.C. permit test the first time you take it, start studying today!  Preparing for the learners permit test is much easier than you think and our free Washington D.C. practice permit test (DC) 2015 will make it even easier!  Twenty easy questions on driving rules and road signs for the 2015 DMV exam, supplemented with great study aids, immediate feedback and unlimited free chances to pass the exam!  Go on, take the first step towards your drivers permit now!

Get excited, as you've just found the magic pill that will help you stop delaying and start studying for the drivers permit test right now!  Getting started, making that first step, is one of the hardest things you will have to do.   Some students find it so difficult to get motivated that they go into the drivers license office without ever opening the drivers manual or taking a single DC learners permit practice test.  If you don't know how that usually ends, we can tell you - it is an almost certain way to fail the exam and we recommend that you don't waste your time on trying to wing the DMV test. According to official statistics, more than a half of drivers permit applicants fail the written knowledge test the first time they take it, and this actually includes those students who have chosen to invest some time into studying road rules, which means that failure rates among those who don't study are even higher, it's definitely not a 50/50 chance!   The good news is that procrastination is beatable and there is a number of techniques that make the task of studying for the Washington DC DMV permit test much easier, even enjoyable!   There are two primary reasons why students never start studying - they are overwhelmed by the amount of materials they need to cover and they believe they simply don't have enough time to do that.  This free DC DMV practice test tackles both of these excuses!  For starters, our practice permit tests break the entire set of driving rules and road signs into small, manageable quizzes.  Twenty questions - this is all you need to concentrate on right now, anyone can do that and if you are worried about the time it takes, don't be!  Completing the practice permit test once takes just under 5 minutes, you probably spend more time eating a sandwich! Go ahead, try it right now and you'll see just how easy it is!

For this free DC practice permit test, we have selected 20 easy questions that will help you get your feet wet without drowning.   While the quiz was primarily designed for beginners, it does not mean that more experienced scholars won't benefit from taking it, when it comes to District of Columbia driving rules, there is always something new to learn.  If you take the practice test once, score 90% or higher the first time and find that the quiz is too easy for your liking, simply move on to the next sample exam you see on the screen.  All of the practice permit tests you see on the site were arranged in the order or rising difficulty, so you are bound to meet your match sooner or later!

All of the sample DC permit test questions on the practice test are multiple choice, with four answers provided for every question.   Only one of the answers is correct and the system will not allow you to choose two answers at once, even if you believe that more than one answer fits.  Consider the choices carefully and go for the option that provides the most thorough and detailed answer to the question.  You will know whether you have picked the right option immediately, as this learners permit practice test is graded on the fly.  If you happen to make a mistake, this online DC practice permit test will always show you the right answer, along with a detailed explanation for the driving rule covered by that question.  These explanations are based on the official DC drivers manual 2015, the same book the real knowledge test is based upon, so take your time to read them, they can save you hours on having to research the book for these rules!

Remember, the first step is always the hardest of all, once you take it, everything gets easier!  Once you are done working on this free Washington D.C. practice permit test 2015, check out other drivers practice tests we have prepared for you and don't stop until you nail the permit test Simulator!  Good luck at the DMV!