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Washington D.C. DMV Practice Permit Test (DC) 2015

You don't have to waste hours on studying for the DC learners permit test!  Preparing for the drivers permit test is not about how much time you spend, it's about using the right study tools at the right time!  You can prepare for your DMV exam by investing just 5-10 minutes of your time every day and our free Washington D.C. DMV practice test is here to help you achieve just that!  Twenty new questions for the learners permit test that span the entire range of DC road signs and traffic laws, instantaneous feedback throughout the entire exam and incredibly low time commitment - this free DMV learners permit practice test has gathered everyone you love about online sample quizzes!

Most of the practice permit tests on the website are built as 20-questions quizzes and this free DC DMV practice test is no exception to the rule, featuring twenty multiple choice questions that cover a broad scope of traffic laws and road signs.  Of course, we are being very general when we say that the practice test covers "driving rules".  Highway driving, defensive driving techniques, accident prevention, driving at night and in the rain, parking on hills, negotiating curves and intersection - it's all there!  We even have questions on basic vehicle maintenance, so the practice exam is as balanced as a 20-question quiz can ever be!  The reason why we have chosen to limit the DMV practice test to just 20 questions and not post hundreds of them here is quite simple - we don't believe a large practice exam like that would do you much good.  It is likely to leave you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of materials you need to study, you are likely to have to spend hours on doing the test, but would it teach you much?  We don't believe it would and so we have chosen to take a completely different approach when designing this DC DMV practice permit test!

Time is your biggest resource and you really don't want to be spending hours in front of the computer, studying for the drivers permit test when you can be doing so many other fun things!  The good news is that you don't have to!  This Washington DMV DC practice test was designed to be completed in under five minutes, which is a ridiculously small amount of time to spend on studying!  However, these small study sessions add up to an amazing result, just start early and work on the practice test whenever you have a moment to spare!  While you're mooching a ride to school, during your lunch break, even as you're sitting on the couch, feeling bored - just grab your iPhone, sign into the website and work on these DMV practice test DC sample questions!  We suggest that you start no later than two weeks before your appointment and work on the exam every day!

Your goal for this free DC DMV learners permit practice test is to answer no less than 90% of all questions correctly (this amounts to 18 correct answers or more).  This grade is somewhat higher than the one required of you by the DMV, but we really don't believe there is such thing as being overly prepared for your Washington D.C. permit test.   Playing it safe and doing a little more than you have to creates a safety cushion you can rely on during the test and not worry about failing an extra question.  This is important: the real District of Columbia permit test has only 20 questions and you cannot make more than 4 mistakes!  That's a pretty narrow error margin and we don't believe you should be risking failing the exam, especially if securing a guaranteed pass doesn't cost you anything but another five minutes of your time!

Those who have not had a chance to read the DC drivers manual yet - do so as soon as you can!  The book's second name is the DMV permit test guide and it's got every right to carry that name - the entire DMV written test is based exclusively on the information you can find in the book!  We recommend that you go over the book at least once before you start working on this or any other DC DMV practice test on the website, as it will provide you with a complete overview of Washington D.C. driving laws and traffic signs that will be on the exam, help you switch all the pieces together.   We know it is not the most exciting book in the world, but its learning value really outweighs all negative sides!  Read the book and keep it by your side for reference as you're studying these 2015 DMV practice test DC questions and answers!

Good luck at the DMV and don't forget to share this free Washington DC DMV practice test 2015 with friends who may be taking their exam soon!