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California Practice Permit Test (CA) 2015

Preparing for the DMV permit test has to be neither hard, nor boring, and our free California practice permit test (CA) 2015 is here to prove this! Practice tests are an invaluable study resource for anyone who wants to prepare for the drivers permit test and pass it on the first visit to the DMV.  Studying sample written test questions with the help of practice permit test is certainly much more exciting than reading the handbook and guess what?  You learn better when you are feeling good about what you're doing!  Enjoy this permit practice test and don't forget to check out other sample quizzes!

One of the great things about practice permit test is that they are by far no rocket science, you don't have to waste hours on figuring out how the system works, you can jump right into taking sample quizzes and learning the rules even if you have never taken a practice test before.  This practice permit test for California consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover the state driving laws, traffic rules and road signs. Every question offers you four possible answers, only one of the answers is correct.  Now, when it comes to taking the real California permit test in 2015, you will notice that some of the questions have only three answers provided.  Don't worry about that, as it makes the real permit test even easier!  We have just added additional answers to these questions to make things a little more interesting and challenging while you're studying.

One of the common mistakes students make on the DMV permit test is to select the first answer that seems right, without reading all other options.  This is a serious problem, it happens very frequently and that is why we decided to bring it up.  While you are working on this free California DMV practice permit test, get into the habit of reading through all of the provided answers before you make your choice.  This will save you from making silly mistakes, you will improve your grades on this practice permit test and you will be able to follow the same behavioral pattern while taking the real exam. 

Immediate feedback - we cannot overstress how important it is to be alerted to each and every mistake you make right there and then. Sure, the real knowledge doesn't do it, but you are not expected to learn during the real test, you are being TESTED and EVALUATED.  However, when you are studying, every error you make must be brought into the light immediately and our online California practice permit test 2015 does a great job at that!  Should you happen to miss a question (and we know it will happen once or twice), the practice test will stop the test and display the right answer alongside the one you have chosen.  On top of that, the practice permit test will come up with a detailed justification for that answer, providing you with more details about the road signs or driving rule that are being discussed by the question you've missed.  This is an important part: don't try and get through the practice permit test as quickly as you can, skipping every one of those explanations, make sure you read them and understand them.  These explanations do a great job of helping you learn the actual rules, as opposed to simply memorizing answers to a bunch of questions, they will significantly increase your chances of passing the written test and make you a better driver once you get behind the wheel.  That's right, this free California practice permit test is not only good for passing the knowledge test the first time, it will also make you a better driver in the future!

Need more help?  Easy!  Just grab yourself a copy of the 2015 California DMV handbook, it is available on the DMV website absolutely free of charge!  Your knowledge exam is based on the information you can find in the manual and it supplements this free California practice permit test (CA) 2015 awesomely!  Read the book first or keep it by your hand as you continue going through these sample quizzes, whatever works best for you!  Good luck at the DMV!