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California DMV Practice Test (CA) 2015

There's nothing we like better than designing new sample quizzes for you and that is why we are so excited to announce this free California DMV practice test (CA) 2015!  New questions on California road signs, pavement markings, traffic signals, right-of-way rules, drug and alcohol awareness, sharing the road with other drivers and emergency vehicles and more - this DMV practice test is really as comprehensive as a 20-question sample quiz can be!  Enjoy and don't forget to share it with friends on Facebook!

Do you know how many people fail the California DMV permit test on their first visit to the office?  Take a wild stab. Just a few? A quarter of the total number, a third?  The numbers are actually much more stunning - more than a half of first-time visitors fail the 2015 DMV written test. The main reason for these high failure rates are the fact that many students don't invest any time into studying the rules, trying to wing the exam is quite common.  You can see how well that works out from these failure rates.  What's even more amazing is the fact that studying for the knowledge test doesn't take that much time and most of the study tools can be obtained without having to pay a dime.  This free CA DMV practice test is a great example, all of our DMV written questions are free.  The permit test study guide provided by the state is free too, it's available for download from the DMV site.  Countless California road sign study sheets and DMV cheat sheets are free, once again, you can study them online without having to sell an arm and a leg for it. Be smart and make the most of these DMV study resources before you go into the office!

This 2015 DMV practice permit test for California consists of 20 questions on road signs and traffic laws.  DMV test questions are supplemented with images whenever possible, to help you understand the question better. All questions are multiple choice, with three or four answers provided for each question.  Only one of the answers is correct.  The practice test is graded on the fly and you will not have to wait until the end of the exam to find out what questions you have missed, whenever you happen to make a mistake, we DMV exam alerts you to this fact and shows you the right answer alongside the one you have chosen.  To make learning even easier, the DMV written test will also display a detailed explanation for every question you miss.  These explanation are based on the official 2015 California DMV handbook, reading them will save you a great deal of time on searching the manual for written test answers.  Once you are done with all sample questions, the DMV practice test will show you the overall score and ask you to review all of the answers to the questions you have missed.  You can either repeat the CA DMV practice test once more or continue on to the next exam. How do you know whether you are ready to move on?  Just check your grades!  Answered at least 18 sample questions correctly without having to use any study aids or searching the drivers manual for answers?  You are good to take the next practice test!  Didn't score quite as high?  Don't worry, just repeat this free DMV practice test once again and you will see your score improve!  Remember, practice tests are free and you can retake them as many times as you need!

There is a way to enhance the study process even more and we found that this method works for the majority of students.  Here it is: as you are working on this California DMV practice test, keep a copy of the official permit test study guide by your side.  Whenever you see a question you can't answer off the top of your head, search for the answer in the book.  Write that answer down and continue on to the next question.  This kind of research and having to note the information on the piece of paper allows your brain to grasp the rules much quicker.  We know that searching the manual for the required information seems like it will take more time, but it is really the fastest way to learn!

Good luck at the DMV and don't forget do comment if you have any suggestions about this free California DMV practice test (CA) 2015, we love hearing from you!