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California DMV Permit Test (CA) Simulator 2015

This is what separates the men from the boys!  The ultimate practice permit test, the final challenge before your point your feet in the direction of the nearest DMV office!  A free California DMV permit test (CA) Simulator 2015, with over 500 permit test questions & answers you can wrap your mind around.  A DMV practice test that is based on the same materials, follows the same format, utilizes the same grading system the real test does and features questions that are highly similar or identical to the ones you can expect at the DMV office!  Prepare to be awesome!

Is there any better way to prepare for the California permit test than by taking a sample practice quiz that follows the same format and features questions that are similar or identical to the ones you can expect to see on the real DMV exam?  That's right, there isn't, and that is exactly how this free California DMV permit test Simulator came to be!  This practice permit test presents you with 46 questions on CA road signs and traffic rules, all questions being multiple choice and having 3-4 possible answers. The practice permit test is not timed and you can take as long as you need figuring our the answer to a particularly hard question.  You will need to answer no less than 39 questions correctly to pass this DMV written test, however we recommend that you do not stop working on the quiz once you achieve this score.  In fact, we have a little system we would like to share with you.  When you take the CA DMV permit practice test for the first time, note down the number of permit test questions you were able to answer correctly.  If it's anything below 32 correct answers, we recommend that you set the Simulator aside and start taking regular practice tests we have on the website, then come back to the Simulator once you've improved your skills with the help of those exams.  Answered 32 to 40 questions correctly? You are on the right track, just keep working on the free drivers permit test Simulator and watch your grades improve even further!  Managed to score over 41 correct answers?  You're a pro, time to schedule an appointment with the DMV for your real California permit test!

When it comes to using supplemental study materials, there is nothing we can recommend more than the official California permit test study guide!  Yes, we are talking about the drivers manual, that book everyone seems to hate, the book most students choose to ignore up until the point when they fail the DMV permit test.  This is what's amazing: some people spend hundreds of dollars on expensive drivers education classes and driving lessons, yet they don't value what's given to them absolutely free!  Seriously, you can pass the 2015 California permit test just by reading the booklet and taking a few of our practice permit tests, it is that simple!  The entire written test is based exclusively on the information you will find in the guide, if it's not there, it's not on the DMV exam!  California road signs, alcohol awareness rules, seat belt laws and traffic regulations - it's all there, with great images that help you understand the rules better!  Do yourself a favor and read the book as you are studying this free California permit practice test Simulator 2015!

Good luck at the office and don't forget to share this CA DMV practice test with friends on Facebook!  Spread the love!